Food Services

A Foundational Cornerstone of our Ministry

Springs Rescue Mission Feeds Those Who Are Hungry

Every year the Mission's Food Service Department has continued to grow and feed more people throughout the Pikes Peak Region.

We have recently surpassed providing over 1,400,000 meals to hungry and homeless families and individuals. As our programs continue to develop so does our effectiveness in caring for an many people as we can.



"A Message and a Meal"

Six days a week, Monday through Saturday at 5 pm, the Mission's Samaritan’s Kitchen opens its doors to feed those who are hungry.

A hot meal is provided to the homeless, the working poor, needy families with children, and anyone who needs a meal.

In addition, hope-filled Gospel messages are shared by local churches.


Monthly Food Box Program

Through our food box program struggling families can pick up food once a month with all the ingredients to prepare meals at home.

During the holidays we also supply additional ingredients for a special meal to prepare and enjoy together as a family at home.

Food boxes are given out during our Supportive Family Services hours of operation located at 1 West. Las Vegas St.


Culinary Arts Career Training

Samaritan’s Kitchen offers 6-month and 2-year programs in the Culinary Arts.

Certified by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and supervised by Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC), participants are taught the skills necessary to pursue a career in the Food Service industry.

Other Food Service Programs Include:

An Open Door to Life Changing Support

By feeding someone a meal we are providing more than just food for the body. Our meals have often been the doorway for a hurting man, woman or child to receive additional help through one of our other programs.

Families with childen receive much need support, men who are homeless leave life on the streets, the working poor get an extra hand up, and those struggling with life issues obtain life changing opportunities.

For more information or to learn how you can get involved contact the Food Services Department at (719) 314-2361 or the SRM main office at (719) 632-1822.