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  • More than 27,000 El Paso County families live below the poverty line.
  • Some 850 households in the Pikes Peak Region are known to be homeless.
  • Public Services to the homeless cost our community $60,000 per homeless person each year.


Springs Rescue Mission’s Challenge:

  • Introduce at-risk and homeless people to a source of help that can connect them with:
  • Material help like food, clothing, and household items for immediate needs
  • Education and life skills training for the long-term
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and action

Springs Rescue Mission's Solution:

A strategic and high-impact ministry focused on homeless and at-risk children, women, and men meet the challenges of homelessness through the following programs:

New Life Program
This 12-18 month residential recovery program serves men who are homeless, suffering from chronic addiction, or those having difficulty functioning in society due to a lack of life skills. We broke ground in mid-October 2011 to nearly double the number of beds in our men’s resident facility, which means we will serve about 80 men at one time.

Samaritan's Kitchen
Springs Rescue Mission provides hot nutritious meals to the homeless and hungry, offers a monthly food box program to poor families and individuals, and educates through a Culinary Arts vocational training program.  Between July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, we served more than 135,000 meals to our Pikes Peak neighbors in need.

Supportive Family Services
Springs Rescue Mission offers food, clothing, and other life-essentials to the homeless and working poor through our Supportive Family Services (formerly Direct Services); about 80% of these neighbors are single parents and families with children. In 2010, we offered assistance to more than 5,500 families.

Resource Advocate Program (RAP)
The Resource Advocate Program (RAP) helps chronically homeless individuals who suffer from severe mental illness or substance abuse to overcome everyday barriers to increase their self-sufficiency in our community.  We help them make the connections to food assistance, healthcare, clothing and supplies, disability and job programs. Each month, RAP serves close to 200 individuals who are frequently turned away by other agencies.

Family Mentor Alliance
Springs Rescue Mission has been chosen to facilitate the Governor's State-Wide family housing initiative, "One Congregation One Family", locally called Family Mentor Alliance (FMA). The program invites local congregations to provide mentoring and support to families who are working, yet facing homelessness. The six-month program offers these families the necessary knowledge base to being the journey toward stability and self-reliance through focused training and material support.

The Opportunity

Springs Rescue Mission believes that, together with friends like you, we can bind the wounds of our “invisible neighbors” – impoverished and homeless children, women, and men in the Pikes Peak Region – and help them heal. Thank you for your interest and action!