By volunteering, you’re part of something bigger than yourself. Please join us at Springs Rescue Mission and help bring hope and opportunity to at-risk children, women and men of the Pikes Peak Region!


Volunteer at Springs Rescue Mission?



Opportunities Are Available?



Do I Become a Volunteer?


Donate Your Dollars

Why Volunteer at Springs Rescue Mission?

Volunteering your time connects you with your neighbors and changes everyone involved.

“I leave here every day more fulfilled than when I came.”
–Brittany Hubble, Winter Shelter volunteer

“I thought I was going to go down and rescue some folks, but it was my life that got totally changed.”
–Tim Gore, Lead Ambassador

And our volunteer family is vital to our work.

Our volunteers help provide over 280,000 meals to hungry neighbors and 27,000 nights of shelter per year.

Volunteer Your Time

What Volunteer Opportunities Are Available?

From serving meals or welcoming winter shelter guests, to mentoring families experiencing homelessness or teaching math to recovering addicts, we have volunteer opportunities that match many skills and schedules. Apply to learn more.

Current Opportunities

Volunteers needed for the Winter Warming Shelter opening November 1

  • Winter Warming Shelter
    Volunteers commit to a once a week volunteer position from 6:15pm – 7:30pm from November 1st through April 15th, Monday-Sunday.
  • Samaritan’s Kitchen Drivers/Helpers
    Drive to designated store partners to pick-up and load donated food. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 8am–10am.
  • Samaritan’s Kitchen Drivers/Helpers
    Drive to designated location with food deliveries. The position is Monday–Friday, 10:30am–12:45pm and Saturday, 11:30am–12:45pm.
  • Samaritan’s Kitchen
    With the expansion of our dinner services, we have great opportunity to partner with us in our kitchen.  No kitchen experience required.  We have many opportunities available to fit your schedule.
  • Donation Intake Volunteer
  • Shelter Reset


Please see the “How Do I Become a Volunteer?” Section below and follow the “I want to volunteer every week” instructions.

Most volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Saturday. Sunday volunteer opportunities are extremely limited. Other volunteer opportunities are also available, however the opportunities above are our greatest need at this time. For a complete list of volunteer position descriptions click here

Volunteer Orientations

Our volunteer orientation includes an overview of our camp and ideas on how you can get involved. For those who wish to volunteer once a week or more frequently, a Volunteer Orientation is a required piece of the application process. Our next scheduled Volunteer Orientations will be held: 

  • Saturday, July 16th at 10:00AM
  • Wednesday, July 20th at 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, July 27th at 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, August 3rd at 1:00PM
  • Saturday, August 13th at 10:00AM
  • Wednesday, August 17th at 1:00PM
  • Saturday, August 27th at 10:00AM
  • Thursday, September 1st at 10:00AM

The orientation and tour will meet in the lobby of 5 W. Las Vegas St., 80903. Orientations typically take about two hours to complete. Please note that weekday Orientations include a walking tour, so please dress accordingly for the weather. If you would like to attend, please RSVP by calling (719) 632-1822

Mission Tours

Tour our campus to see how our programs and services transform lives and fill them with hope, and to witness the dozens of ways you can get involved.

  • Tuesday, July 12th at 1:00PM
  • Tuesday, July 19th at 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, July 20th at 1:00PM
  • Tuesday, July 26th at 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, July 27th at 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, August 3rd at 1:00PM
  • Wednesday, August 17th at 1:00PM
  • Thursday, September 1st at 10:00AM

Tours will meet in the lobby of 5 W. Las Vegas St., 80903, our four story building. Tours typically take about an hour to complete.  Please note that this time includes a walking tour, so please dress according to the weather.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP by calling (719) 632-1822.

(Please note this does not include a Volunteer Orientation.)

Give Your Resources

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

First, decide how frequently you would like to volunteer:

I want to volunteer occasionally

Initial volunteer opportunities include providing meals through the Samaritan’s Kitchen, receiving and sorting donations with the Warehouse Warriors, and assisting in various ongoing projects across the campus.


  1. To get started, please complete the online form to set up a username and password.
  2. Visit our volunteer login page, and enter your username and password. By clicking on the “Scheduling” tab, you can schedule yourself for any open volunteer opportunities.
  3. If you have questions, please contact Kathleen Doyle, Volunteers Assistant, by email at or phone(719)314-2365.
I want to volunteer every week

If you would like to serve once a week or more frequently:

  1. Application:
    Please complete the online form
  2. Volunteer Orientation and Tour
    Schedule a Volunteer Orientation from the list of dates above.
  3. Background Check:
    Download and complete the Background Check Form.  You may bring this completed form with you to your interview (Step 4) or email it to for processing.
  4.  Interview:
    Schedule an Interview – Please send an email to with 3 open dates and times.  Interviews are scheduled for 1 hour.

Please note, it may take 30 days or more to complete this process.  In the meantime, after completing the Partner Level 2 application online, you may go to our Volunteer Information Center to schedule yourself for Partner Level 1 positions.

Thank you for your patience!

Volunteering as a Group

Springs Rescue Mission provides wonderful opportunities for businesses, church groups, families, school groups, community groups and youth groups to see lives transformed and filled with hope, as our community works together to fight homelessness, poverty and addiction.

Get Started

  1. Each group must have 1 designated adult leader complete the online form.
  2. If your group size is less than 10 people, you may login to our Volunteer Information Center to schedule yourselves.

If your group consists of more than 10 people, please email three available dates and times for your group to serve to  A Volunteer Services team member will contact you with available opportunities for your group and all the details you’ll need (including directions, volunteer waivers, guidelines, etc.).  Please note, larger groups may take 30 days to 60 days to coordinate a rewarding task to incorporate everyone.

  1. Complete and submit the Group Safety Form no later than two weeks prior to the date of service to reserve your group volunteer opportunity. Please email the completed form to  To hold the reserved group position, Group Safety Forms must be received or the opportunity will not be held.  We are limited in opportunities for groups and thus reserve them for groups that complete the process.

NOTE: Group leaders are also strongly encouraged to attend an upcoming Volunteer Information Class or Springs Rescue Mission Tour. Please see the next available Volunteer Orientation above.

Important Information About Group Projects

  • As the Springs Rescue Mission states, “Because of our love and obedience to God, our mission is to mobilize the community to provide relief, rehabilitation and empowerment services.” Therefore, our limited group opportunities are reserved for groups within the Greater Colorado Springs area. If your group is not from the Greater Colorado Springs area, we encourage you to seek opportunities in your area.
  • Most of our projects are suitable for up to 10 people, but occasionally we are able to work with larger groups, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Lodging and meals: we do not provide lodging for volunteer groups, but we do welcome all volunteers to join us for a meal, in the Samaritan’s Kitchen at a cost of only $1 per person (please let the Volunteer Coordinator know if your group is planning to join us for a meal by emailing your request to Please also include your method of payment.)
  • Group scheduling: all group volunteer projects require time to plan with the appropriate departments.  Please submit requests 30 to 60 days prior to the date of service.
Volunteering as a Family

If you would like to volunteer as a family, please see the above “Volunteering as a Group” instructions.  Our volunteer database categorizes volunteers as either individuals or as a group.  Families are designated as a group and can be scheduled as such.

If you have questions, please contact Kathleen Doyle, Volunteers Assistant, by email at or phone (719)314-2365.

Volunteering for community service hours

If volunteer hours are required for school, church or work please follow the instructions in the I want to volunteer occasionally section.

For Community Service hours appointed by Discover Goodwill or Employment First, please contact the Programs Administrative Assistant, Patricia Garcia, at (719) 314-2356 to schedule an appointment.  Please note, we have limited positions available and these positions require scheduled shifts.  Patricia is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  If calling outside these days, calls will be returned on Tuesday.  Please allow enough time for processing in terms of any deadlines needing to be met for your community service hours.

If Community Service hours are appointed by the Court System, please contact another organization as we do not have enough hours available for completion of service.