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Turkey Drive Goal: Feed Thousands of Hungry Neighbors in 2012 Holiday SeasonWobble

Thank you for stopping by to find out more about our Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble event! Here’s more background information on the event.

This year, Springs Rescue Mission is joining forces with Care & Share to raise over 10,000 turkeys (representing protein for 330,000 meals) for families of need in the greater Pikes Peak Region and southern Colorado. The drive will combine several events during the week of November 10-16.

The Mission’s kickoff is a family-friendly, fun event called “The Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble.” The November 10 event, at America the Beautiful Park, invites the Pikes Peak community to donate both frozen turkeys and money to purchase turkeys for the drive as they gather together to set three certified world records: the largest gathering of humans dressed as turkeys (currently 661 - NEEDED: 1,000 RECORD BREAKING PARTICIPANTS), the largest number of people simultaneously dancing the Twist for five minutes (currently 2,788 - NEEDED: 3,000 RECORD BREAKING PARTICIPANTS), and the largest single line of dancers (currently 2,569 - NEEDED: 3,000 RECORD BREAKING PARTICIPANTS).  You can participate in breaking one, two, or all three records.  Please register TODAY at www.mysrm.org/wobble.  Details on costume requirements coming October 26, both on this page and through email.

Groups, families, and individuals throughout the community are signing up to participate at mysrm.org/wobble. The record setting attempts will run from 12 noon - 2 pm. Your participation is essential for the event’s success, and we’re grateful for it. We’ll send updates on the event via email, and post essential information on this page, starting October 8. Thanks for joining us to help thousands of our hungry neighbors in the Pike Peak Region -- and to set world records to help draw attention to holiday hunger in our community!



Three World Records

  1. The Largest Gathering of Humans Dressed as Turkeys. Current record: 661. Costume requirements: Beak, body suit (we suggest sweat suits), crest of feathers attached to torso of body suit, webbed feet. We hope you'll have fun creating your costumes - what a great craft activity for children!  Click here for some costume ideas from our teamBe creative, but remember the costume elements listed above must be visible and present to count for the record. Record requirements: Humans dressed as turkeys, as described above, remain in contained area for ten minutes.
  1. The Greatest Number of People Dancing in a Single Line. Current record:2,561. Dress requirements if not in turkey costume: T-shirt/sweatshirt (fall color requested), jeans or casual slacks, jacket/coat according to weather/need. Record requirements: Dance in single line (need not be straight) for 5 minutes. Current record was set with Hokey Pokey.
  1. The Greatest Number of People Dancing the Twist: Current record: 2,788. Dress requirements same as “2” above. Record requirements: Dance the Twist in contained area for 5 minutes. Note: We cannot “combine” attempts for single line/Twist dancing – they will be separate.

Registration: Really, Truly Essential!

The Importance of Pre- and Final Registration

Pre-registration online is essential to clear up as much paperwork details as possible for everyone involved. It will greatly speed up the final registration steps at the Wobble, and also help us better provide water (no charge) and food (affordable charges) in the right quantities.

Final registration at the event is an important part of world record setting. Here you will check in and receive your wristbands, meet your record-setting stewards, and go to the right places at the right times to set world records. NOTE: After each attempt, your steward will gather your wristband which will then be packaged with other wristbands and documentation to be sent to the Guinness World Records staff in the UK.

Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact phone: Tawny, 632-1822