A little faith goes a long way: Diane's story of overcoming homelessness - Springs Rescue Mission A little faith goes a long way: Diane's story of overcoming homelessness - Springs Rescue Mission LUCKY ORANGE TRACKER BELOW

It was death and grief and pain unimaginable that drew Diane close to God.

“When my little baby died, I was furious with God,” she said. “I wondered if Jesus wanted me to be heartbroken for the rest of my life. But my minister told me, ‘I know that the Lord can heal your heart’ — and that’s exactly the way it happened. I got past my anger and God started leading me in the right direction again.”

She grew up in a small Dutch village in southwest Minnesota, where every event was a church function and every conversation rounded back to the goodness of God. But that faith that was instilled in her as a child took on new meaning upon the death of her newborn son.

“The good Lord Jesus keeps me going,” she said. “He’s my best friend. He will always be number one in my life.”

The loss of their second child put an incredible strain on Diane’s marriage; but the two pressed on for a few more years. They had another daughter together and moved to Colorado Springs together for a new start, but divorced shortly after.

“We moved out here, having gone bankrupt and lost a child together,” she said. “We still had two children together, so we had a good reason to remain friends and supportive of one another. It’s been 35 years and we’re still friends. I’m glad we could do that for our children.”

But as Diane approached retirement age, things became difficult again. After losing her condo during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, she lived in her car for 18 grueling months.

“One night it was below zero and … I didn’t know if I’d survive through the night,” she said. “It was really scary because I could barely move my limbs in the morning. Eventually someone led me to SRM, and I’ve been slowly moving up.”

Diane — with her positive, can-do attitude and midwestern work ethic — became an active member of the Mission’s vocational training program and worked with staff to secure housing. After eight months at SRM, she was approved for an apartment at Greenway Flats, an SRM-sponsored supportive housing complex.

“I’m looking forward to taking the next step to getting back on my feet,” she said.

More retirement-age women than ever before are seeking shelter and services at Springs Rescue Mission. Thanks to the generous help of neighbors like you, they are finding unprecedented safety, security and support.

“Homelessness is a hard life,” Diane said. “It is mentally and physically the hardest thing you could go through (aside from being terminally ill). … It’s all just so overwhelming. I’m so thankful that I have a roof over my head and good food to eat. I’m very thankful for the help I’ve received.”

Your support also means homeless women are spending less time on the streets and in the shelter before securing permanent housing. Safe shelter and access to housing services are especially important for victims of domestic violence.

“There’s empowerment and there’s a real sense of community,” said one SRM staff member. “I see a lot of movement and a lot of positivity.”

Springs Rescue Mission continues to develop new and improved programming for homeless women. Thank you for walking alongside us in that journey.

“I have joy today because of the wonderful people in my life and the help I’ve gotten here,” Diane said. “It means a lot to me.”




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