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At Springs Rescue Mission, our top priority is to give guests experiencing homelessness, poverty and addiction access to the resources they need to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Every day, hundreds of vulnerable men and women visit our homeless services campus in downtown Colorado Springs. They eat meals in our 185-seat Samaritan’s Kitchen and Dining Hall, visit our Day Center for a shower and to do a load of laundry, access medical services through partner agencies in our Resource Center and get a good night’s sleep in one of our shelter programs.

Staff at the Mission do their best to meet them where they are in life and help them find the hope they desperately need to begin their journeys out of homelessness, poverty and addiction — to regain their health, get back to work and find a place to call home once again.

We recently spoke to a few of our guests about how the resources and services they’ve found at the Mission have helped them.


“What help have you found at Springs Rescue Mission?”




Jimmy, shelter guest

“They have helped me get a birth certificate, get my driver’s license, get Z-Trips to the hospital. It’s a good place, the staff is really good. It’s nice to have a place to sleep. SRM has been good to me, the chaplain has prayed for me and I really enjoy this place.”








Robert, shelter guest

“SRM has helped connect me to hospital care. They’ve watched my belongings while I’ve been in the hospital. They meet my needs. I love the staff here — they are awesome. I’ve stayed in the entry shelter for two years and the staff at the Resource Center are great.”






Daniel, shelter guest

“SRM has given me a place to stay while I work on myself. They helped me get a State ID, apply for jobs, start forming an income while I work on living on my own. Before I came here, I was shy, and I kept to myself. SRM has helped me find my voice and stand up for myself.”







Elizabeth, shelter guest

“I have seen how well SRM has expanded; when I was here before it was just one building. … I have noticed people around me at SRM are changing! SRM helps heal people — to build a person from the inside out. It is a safe place for domestic abuse survivors.”






* Some of these photos have been changed to protect the anonymity of our guests.


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