Good Samaritan Sponsor Program Good Samaritan Sponsor Program

Become a Good Samaritan Sponsor

Provide one homeless person with a full day and night of care for only $25 per month.

As a Good Samaritan Sponsor, your monthly sponsorship means the world to a homeless neighbor staying in the shelter at Springs Rescue Mission. Thanks to your generosity, they receive a full day of services including hot meals, overnight shelter, work opportunities and time with a personal coach.


And now your monthly donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, the entire first year! When you sign up to help with a $25 gift each month, it will be matched to become a $50 monthly gift — helping two neighbors in need, rather than just one.


Because of your gift, people will receive:

  • A warm welcome and healthy dinner
  • Safe and clean overnight accommodation
  • The opportunity to shower and wash clothes
  • Breakfast the following morning
  • Access to a personal counselor who will listen and offer guidance
  • Access to job referrals, health service referrals, and more
  • Loving and respectful interactions with Christian staff and volunteers
  • And most of all, HOPE for healing, restoration, and a new life.

When you become a Good Samaritan Sponsor, you’ll receive:

  • Monthly video updates featuring a glimpse of life at Springs Rescue Mission
  • Invitations to special events
  • Opportunities to meet with our staff, guests, and volunteers
  • Quarterly newsletters with uplifting stories and the latest news
  • Prayer requests from our homeless guests.