This July 4th, let's celebrate Dependence Day: A message from President & CEO Jack Briggs - Springs Rescue Mission This July 4th, let's celebrate Dependence Day: A message from President & CEO Jack Briggs - Springs Rescue Mission LUCKY ORANGE TRACKER BELOW

Dear Neighbor,

Summer seems to have finally arrived. And I, for one, am so grateful for the warmth of the sun.

One of my favorite celebrations each summer is July 4th — Independence Day.

I fondly remember watching the fireworks as a little kid. I love the community camaraderie and the celebration of our nation’s unique experiment in democracy. I like the pies I get to eat and the people I get to enjoy them with.

But just a step removed from these happy images there is a realization that we live in a fallen world. There is strife among nations, between peoples and even within families. There is sickness, pain and suffering.

Here at Springs Rescue Mission, we see firsthand the devastation brought on by homelessness, addiction and poverty. But what can we really do about it? How can we make an impact in this reality? Well, we can start by celebrating “Dependence Day.”

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the day we all gained the path to a better life through our surrender and dependence on Him.
In this fallen world, we can help others repair and restore their lives — through God’s grace and mercy — through health, housing and work services. Here at the Mission, we use many of these tactics to stimulate remarkable growth in the lives of our clients. Many of them meet the goal of living independently. But for all of us, living independent of our sin and brokenness comes from our dependence on Christ’s love.

We will experience pain and troubles in our lives, but we have the rock-solid assurance of a relationship with Christ — a dependence on Him — that will last forever.

So as we celebrate Independence Day this July 4th, let’s also celebrate Dependence Day.


In His Service,
Jack Briggs, President & CEO






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