You gave Nina hope: A pathway out of homelessness - Springs Rescue Mission You gave Nina hope: A pathway out of homelessness - Springs Rescue Mission

Even though construction is in full swing down here at the Springs Rescue Mission, the work being done to help our neighbors in need hasn’t stopped. This work has only been possible because of our generous friends and donors like you.

I am continually humbled by the magnitude of support from our donors, whether that support is physical, financial or spiritual, and am honored to be a steward of that support to make a difference in the lives of Colorado Springs’ homeless community. So I wanted to take a moment and say thank you, and share with you how you’ve made a difference.

Nina’s pathway out of homelessness

When Nina was a small child, people she trusted took advantage of her and abused her in unspeakable ways. By the time she was eight years old, Nina was dealing with memories, thoughts and emotions no child should ever experience.

Then at the age of 23, Nina found the Mission and received assistance to find a therapist, help to acquire necessary documents for work and bus fare to get to appointments.

“I’m glad Springs Rescue Mission is here,” Nina shared with me. “They’ve given me direction and the support I need to eventually get off the streets.”

You made it possible

I share Nina’s story because without support from neighbors like you, her current situation may look very different. But because she found the support she needs at the Rescue Mission, Nina now has hope. You can read her full story here.

On behalf of Nina and countless others, I cannot thank you enough for your generous support and care for our neighbors in need.

I am so very blessed to see first hand the beautiful fruit that results as our community grows richer in good works, generous and ready to share with those in need.

Thank you!

About the Author - Larry Yonker

Larry has been with the Mission since January 2011. Larry’s experience with major nonprofits and Fortune 100 corporations gives him the skills and vision required to create successful programs for fundraising, planned giving, donor relations, major donors, marketing, and development activities. He was the owner of a fundraising consulting business, The Elevation Group, for 10 years and served over 300 non-profit organizations and raised over $600,000,000. He was also the Vice President of Development and Marketing for Compassion International, where he worked for nearly a decade. There he managed a $15,000,000 budget and was responsible for $120,000,000 in revenue and 110 employees. Larry worked 16 years in the information technology industry, serving as a Regional Director of the value-added marketing division of Unisys Corporation. Long involved in the Christian Management Association and the Christian Stewardship Association, Larry is also an elder at New Life Church in Colorado Springs and a member of the board of directors for Professional Association of Colorado Educators & Africa Ministries.

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