A Month in Review: December 2018 A Month in Review: December 2018

Thanks to you, the precious neighbors at Springs Rescue Mission know they’re loved. They feel it every time they sleep in a warm, safe bed, eat a delicious meal, and get the resources they need to start making their way out of homelessness.

Take a look at some of the recent highlights at the Mission below, plus find out how Arthur was able to turn his life around at Springs Rescue Mission.

On Christmas Eve, over 150 volunteers served Christmas meals to more than 650 neighbors. Smiles were on everyone’s faces as they ate, received gifts, decorated cookies, and more. Plus, thanks to City Gate Motors – Springs Rescue Mission’s newest social enterprise – we were able to give a dependable vehicle to a family in desperate need of transportation.

We celebrated as nearly a dozen guests graduated from our 8-week Life Skills course. Over the last few weeks, they’ve learned the necessary skills to not only get a job but keep one as well. Congratulations to the graduates!

We are honored to have been nominated for both “Best Non-Profit” and “Best Philanthropic Business” in Gazette’s “Best of the Springs!” The life-saving and life-restoring services we provide are only possible because of neighbors like you, who care for the incredible Colorado Springs community.

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Three men graduated from the New Life Program during December. Men who had been in the program with Jerry (bottom picture) spoke of his honesty and integrity, as well as his deep resolve to transform his life. At Charles’ graduation (top), his friends and peers talked about the calming presence he brought to those around him, his love of seeking the truth, and how he has learned to surrender his burdens to God. Finally, many spoke of the third man’s ability to persevere through challenges and his deep relationship with Jesus.

Arthur found everything he needed for success at Springs Rescue Mission.

Arthur* came to the Mission in October 2018 at the suggestion of his parole officer. Arthur has a legal history of felonies, a substance history of alcoholism, and a medical condition that limits him to a wheelchair. Arthur has been clean and sober for three years, and almost as soon as he began staying at the Mission he was determined to get out.

During his time at the Mission, Arthur was able to get ID cards and documents, plus he signed up for food stamps and insurance through DHS. While he was on campus he also signed up for regular shifts as a part of the Work Engagement program and took the survey needed to find affordable housing.

Today Arthur is thriving in his job at Goodwill and has been able to find temporary housing as he looks for a permanent home. He is a true “self-starter,” and we’re so encouraged by his success!
*name changed to protect privacy

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