Springs Rescue Mission

Our Approach

A Person-First Approach

Homelessness, poverty and addiction are complex and difficult to overcome. 

At Springs Rescue Mission, we understand and acknowledge that there is no simple or quick fix. We don't just address part of the problem, but instead take an holistic approach to finding pathways forward for our guests. 

Our holistic, person-first approach focuses on three pillars of life: housing, health and work. We believe that this approach gives guests the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to be active members of our communities. 

We want more for their lives than just survival. We want them to truly thrive. In this effort, we hope to remind our guests of their inherent human dignity — that they are created in the image of a God who loves them. 

Gantt chart with housing health and work.

We want to see every homeless man and woman in a home of their own. 

Overcoming homelessness is possible, but it is often a rigorous journey: a journey that starts with one night at Springs Rescue Mission. 

Our tiered sheltering program is built for guests to advance on their journey out of homelessness. Case managers are available to help them apply for housing assistance programs and prepare for the transition to supportive and permanent housing. 

Whether it’s an apartment, sober living or one of SRM’s housing solutions, we walk with them every step of the way — and we celebrate each victory together. 


Homelessness is hard on the body, mind and spirit. But there’s hope for healing. 

In our resource center, guests can take showers and do laundry. Through case management programs, men and women can access services from more than a dozen partner agencies, including therapy, dentistry and medical care. 

Those struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism can get help through a variety of programs. For those seeking to grow in their faith, our chaplain provides compassionate guidance. 

And for many guests, it all starts with a meal in our 185-seat dining hall. 


For most people experiencing homelessness, poverty or addiction, work is an essential step on the road to recovery. 

Many of the guests at Springs Rescue Mission can’t wait for another chance to find gainful employment. Guests can begin that journey by participating in several work initiatives, life skills classes, job training courses and employment assistance programs on our campus. 

The importance of work and financial security cannot be overstated when it comes to escaping the cycles of poverty and homelessness. Guests are getting the help and hope they need to find that freedom and new, beautiful lives. 

Help a neighbor in need.

Without a warm and safe place to sleep, many of our homeless neighbors wouldn’t survive on the streets.