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Shelter Programs

Springs Rescue Mission offers safe, low-barrier shelter for up to 450 men and women every night: 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days of the year

There are no requirements for entry, but your ability to stay will be determined by your behavior.

And yes, we will also provide you with a hot breakfast the following morning.

The Mission breaks sheltering into three core tiers — Entry, Next Step and Advanced — designed to create steps out of homelessness and back into self sufficiency.
“This allows us, programmatically, to create places for a wide array of different individuals,” said Housing Director Tyler Peoples. “Having the tiered shelter program creates a thriving environment for those attempting to progress. This is evident with the continued growth in the number of guests working, as well as an increase in the amount securing housing.”

All of the Mission’s shelters are low-barrier, which means the only requirements for entry are that guests are law-abiding, pose no threat to themselves or others andfollow SRM's conduct guidelines.
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smiling woman at homeless shelter
“I'm so glad I made the choice to change. Staying the first night was the best decision.”
SRM Guest
smiling man at homeless shelter
“I either ended up here by chance or I’m here for a reason,” he said. “I choose to believe I have a purpose.” 
Thomas, SRM Staff (Former Guest)

Emergency Relief

We understand that immediate assistance is crucial for individuals facing homelessness.

Our doors are open 24/7 to provide emergency shelter, nutritious meals, clean clothing and access to shower and laundry facilities.

By addressing these basic needs, we create a safe and dignified environment for individuals to begin their journey toward stability. Our compassionate staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels valued and respected.

Our emergency relief shelter serves as a safe haven for individuals facing the harsh reality of homelessness. We provide a warm and welcoming environment, offering a clean bed, nourishing meals and access to showers and hygiene essentials.

“We open our doors, hold our arms out and everyone is welcome to come in. We’ve tried to remove every reason that might keep someone from coming to the shelter. – Tyler Peoples, Director of Housing

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Women's Shelter

At Springs Rescue Mission, we believe that every person deserves a safe and supportive environment where they can rebuild their lives.

Our Women's Shelter programs are designed to provide refuge, care and empowerment to women facing homelessness in our community.

We understand that women experiencing homelessness often have unique challenges and circumstances, and we are committed to meeting their specific needs.

Our Women's Shelter Program offers more than just a place to sleep. It is a comprehensive program that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the women we serve.

Our dedicated team of compassionate staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide the following essential services.
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Homeless shelter clients smiling with hope
"There's empowerment for women available here. God is doing some amazing work!"
- Darla, Shelter Coordinator

More about our Women's Shelter programs

At Springs Rescue Mission, we measure our success by the transformed lives of the women we serve. Our Women's Shelter Program is dedicated to restoring hope, dignity, and self-sufficiency to women experiencing homelessness. Through a combination of compassionate care, comprehensive support services, and a commitment to empowering individuals, we believe that every woman can overcome homelessness and find a path to a brighter future.

 “The women’s shelter is a necessary thing to be able to take the next step — it’s one step closer to being out, and it’s proof to myself that I’m doing right. I’m working my way out of homelessness. … This isa safe place to be if you’re a woman.” – Mary, shelter guest

Safe and Secure Accommodations

We offer a safe and secure environment where women can find respite from the hardships of life on the streets. Our shelter facilities are clean, comfortable, and equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Individualized Case Management

We understand that each woman's journey is unique. Our experienced case managers work closely with the women to assess their needs, set achievable goals, and develop personalized action plans. Through regular one-on-one meetings, we provide guidance and support to help women overcome obstacles and move toward self-sufficiency.

Holistic Support Services

We offer a wide range of support to address the diverse needs of the women in our program. These services include healthcare, mental health counseling, substance abuse recovery programs, job training, life skills workshops, educational opportunities, and more. By addressing the causes of homelessness, we aim to help women to regain stability in their lives.

Community and Empowerment

We foster a sense of community within our Women's Shelter Program. We organize various activities and events to promote camaraderie and friendship among the women. Additionally, we encourage participation in support groups and provide opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development. By creating a supportive network, we empower women to reclaim their lives and build a brighter future.

smiling women at homeless shelter

Smiling worker in homeless shelter kitchen
"They gave me structure and space when I needed it, but also helped me forge real friendships with people for the first time.” 
Kevin, New Life Program Graduate

Housing Solutions

We understand that the journey from homelessness to stable housing requires more than just temporary shelter.

That's why we offer transitional housing programs that provide individuals with a stepping stone towards independent living.

Through these programs, individuals can access stable and supportive housing for an extended period, allowing them to rebuild their lives and work towards self-sufficiency.
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Transitional Housing & Sober Living

At Springs Rescue Mission, our top priority is helping men and women find pathways our of homelessness. The ultimate benchmark of this endeavor is seeing individuals succeed in our shelter programs and move on to permanent housing.

While permanent housing may sometimes refer to an apartment or single-family home, there are many transitional and supportive housing options for those working to overcome homelessness.

"The goal is to provide not just a roof over someone's head, but a sense of community, belonging and support as individuals work towards stability and health." - Travis Williams, Chief Development Officer

Our supportive housing programming is designed to provide a safe and stable environment for individuals who are transitioning to a medium-term or long-term housing solution.

For men and women in recovery — especially those who’ve recently completed a rehabilitation program — a sober living environment and community is of vital importance. Most sober living houses are structured around a faith-based or 12-step structure and include requirements to encourage sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

case worker working with homeless man
man and dog at homeless shelter
“I cried for two days when I signed the lease and they put those keys in my hand. I thank God every day that we have it." 
- Former Guest

Pet Shelter

Did you know that one of the top reasons homeless men and women avoid shelters is because they often can’t take their pets?

That’s why at Springs Rescue Mission, we like to say that we’re the only pet shelter in town that also takes owners.

We make an effort to welcome both dogs and cats. In fact, we’re in the process of building a brand new kennel building with capacity nearly 50 animals!
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Kennels for both dogs & cats

For many men and women living on the streets — and for many of you, I’m sure – pets are family.

Many homeless individuals in our community have dogs, both for companionship and protection, and they would rather stay out in the cold than have to forfeit their furry friend to stay the night in a shelter.

When you support these vulnerable men and women, you also provide safe shelter and services for their pets. While men and women take showers, eat meals, do laundry, access healthcare and get a good night of sleep, they can rest easy knowing that their beloved cat or dog is safe and cared for.

Where to find us

Springs Rescue Mission
5W Las Vegas Street
Colorado Springs CO. 80903

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Hours of operation

Doors open 24/7

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"For every house is built by someone,
but God is the builder of everything."
- Hebrews 3:4

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