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Together we can provide pathways out of homelessness and poverty for everyone in Colorado Springs.

Our community has more neighbors experiencing homelessness, poverty and addiction than we can presently serve. We’ve successfully opened our new, 168-bed shelter and resource center. But we still need to complete our campus, adding a much-needed larger kitchen and dining hall as well as welcome center. Now we’re reaching out to everyone in our community to help get this done.

Here’s why it’s so important:

We just don’t have enough beds…

Maurice died of hypothermia on a night when our shelter was full. Expand Maurice’s Story

We can make life transformation
possible for more people…

After staying in our winter shelter, Stefan joined our rehab program. Expand Stefan’s Story

“We need solutions for the citizens who are experiencing homelessness in our community, and Springs Rescue Mission has a solid plan for some of the most vulnerable. It’s time to get this done.”

John Suthers

Mayor of Colorado Springs

“This has been a passion of mine for such a long time, and because of Springs Rescue Mission’s diligence, a new day is dawning for our homeless neighbors in Colorado Springs.“

Suzi Bach

Co-author of 2014 Initiative to End Homelessness

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