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City Gate Motors, a Springs Rescue Mission social enterprise, helps open the door to mobility for people who are in a rebuilding process. Located on the Mission campus, City Gate Motors has a firsthand understanding of the obstacles people face when transitioning off the streets or out of a recovery center. We do our best to help our customers along their journey to a better life.

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We exist to sell donated cars to New Life Program graduates as reliable transportation. These cars are sold at below-market value and typically paid for by the money graduates earn through work initiatives. All revenue from vehicles sold is then is used for work training initiatives at Springs Rescue Mission.

Donate a Car

citygate1Being able to get this car from City Gate has helped me incredibly. Otherwise, I would not be able to get to work and pay my bills and be stable when I graduate. In my case, I needed an SR22 and a breathalyzer to get my license and City Gate understood and helped me along the way. City Gate Motors was the only place where I could get a car that ran that I could afford. This has been a real blessing in my life.


New Life Program Graduate

When a man gets ready to graduate from the New Life Program, I ask about three things.  First, where are you going to live, then how are you going to make money.  Finally, I ask about transportation, and in Colorado Springs, that almost always means driving a car.   We do have a public transportation system, but it usually will only allow men to survive, not thrive.

One graduate relayed to me the following situation.  He was working in a local factory, but also on Parole.  As a condition of parole, he had to take random drug tests.  He did not mind being tested, he actually liked the accountability.  However, whenever he was tested he had to take a 2-hour bus ride from work, spend 30 minutes at the testing site, and then take a 2-hour bus ride back.  Not only did he have to pay $30.00 for the drug test, but he also lost more than a half day of work.  Luckily his employer was willing to work with his absence.  If he had his own transportation, this would have been a 45-minute part of his day.

Here in the program, we are thankful for the help public transportation provides us, we send guys out with bus passes all the time.  But trying to live a balanced, sober and productive life, personal and transportation is vitally important.  The opportunity men have to purchase cars when they graduate puts them leaps and bounds ahead of where they could be.  Thank you so much for considering helping in this area.

Joel Siebersma

Director of Addiction Recovery, New Life Program