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How We Help

More than food and shelter

While we seek to meet the immediate needs of our homeless neighbors, our ultimate goal is to provide the support and tools necessary to create lasting change. Sometimes, with some patience, faith and a lot of love, we see lives completely transformed.








homeless men and women sheltered

Job Training

Job Training


hours of job training provided




case management sessions

With One Goal

Transformed Lives

A Life Transformed

Stefan was a career server, and he liked taking care of people. But broken relationships with his family and fiancée had left him wounded. Stefan sought solace from the bottle and started drinking heavily. It was Christmas day when Stefan got caught drunk at work. He was fired on the spot, and he had almost no money in the bank.

A week later, Stefan was evicted from his apartment. Suddenly homeless and jobless, he started sleeping in his truck. He had nowhere else to go. Had it been summer, he may have survived this way for some time. But it was winter and dangerously cold. Stefan ran out of gas a block away from Springs Rescue Mission.

When he made his way to the Mission, he met a few of the men in our addiction recovery program.

“They had something I didn’t,” he says. “A peace and a purpose, like things were OK because they were getting better. I wanted that.”

He joined us for a hot dinner.
He stayed several nights in our winter shelter.
Stefan joined our New Life program.


Job Training
Our Graduate Services director helped him find a new career.


He has been sober since February 6, 2014. He has a great job with JaXon Engineering. And he’s never felt more hopeful about the future.

“Life is amazing right now. I work. I have a purpose. People depend on me. They ask my opinion, for my help. I walk with my head high and I don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror. All because of God’s grace.”


Stefan Working

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