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Your Dollars

98% of our ministry is funded by giving from our generous community. We can’t help without you.



Your Time

Our volunteers are a great, big 2,000-person family. They donate over 3,000 days of work each year. There’s room for you.



Your Resources

Our community store is stocked because of your donations. We provide food, clothes and other goods to those in need for free.


Donate Your Dollars

Give Your Dollars

How will my giving help?

Your giving provides programming for the men, women and children we serve at the Mission: warm beds, nourishing meals, therapy, training, practical help, and more. All this is provided in an environment designed to promote real life transformation, restoring lives and healing relationships.

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Become a Good Samaritan Sponsor

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer Your Time

How will my volunteering help?

Bringing hope to your community can be as simple as serving meals with a smile and saying “hi.” Our volunteers build relationships as mentors and teachers, work behind the scenes, and serve at events. Volunteering your time connects you to your neighbors and changes everybody involved.

How & When to Volunteer

Give Your Resources

Donate Resources

How will my donation help?

Your donation provides hope to men and women, mothers and fathers who may be deciding between paying rent or buying groceries, filling the car with gas or paying a medical bill. You can donate at our warehouse or work with us to organize a drive that engages your friends, congregation or colleagues.

How & What to Give

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