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What makes Colorado Springs beautiful?

Some would say it’s the majestic mountains a stone’s throw away or the clear blue skies after an afternoon thunderstorm. For others, it’s the roaring waterfalls in Cheyenne Canyon, iconic natural landmarks like the Garden of the Gods or miles of trails to be explored in Palmer Park.

But if you ask us what makes Colorado Springs beautiful, the answer is much bigger.

It’s you! It’s everyone who lives here, who cares about their neighbors and goes the extra mile to help someone in need.

Time and again, we’ve seen the amazing people of this city work together to help each other. The Waldo Canyon forest fire, the Black Forest fire and the Planned Parenthood shooting are tragic events that brought an ugliness to our beautiful city. But love and mercy prevailed rather than hate and destruction. Deep hurt and loss were blanketed by renewed hope and a shower of compassion.

The beauty of our city is found in the people of this city who work together to make sure everyone is taken care of. That beauty is evident on a daily basis at Springs Rescue Mission.

Like every growing city across America, there are hundreds of people in Colorado Springs without a place to call home. Although they share a similar struggle, each person is unique and fighting a different battle.

  • Unemployment
  • Eviction
  • Mental illness
  • Physical disability
  • Domestic violence
  • Aging out of foster care
  • Illiteracy
  • PTSD
  • Poverty
  • Substance abuse

These are only a handful of larger issues that result in people losing their housing.

Every day, more than 450 men and women arrive at Springs Rescue Mission needing a hot meal, a safe night’s rest, a refreshing shower and a change of clothes. They need real hope and someone to come alongside them as they work hard to get back on their feet.

They’re our neighbors. They’re widows, forgotten veterans, and domestic violence survivors. They’re someone’s mom and dad, or son and daughter. They each have a name, they each have a story and they each can find hope at the Mission.

But not without you, Colorado Springs.

Without Good Samaritans and neighbors helping neighbors, there’s nothing to keep the ugliness of homelessness from ruining our beautiful city and the beautiful lives entangled in it.

Homelessness is ugly. There’s no doubt about that. But the people struggling with homelessness aren’t.

They’re lovely human beings created in God’s image. They’re fighting for their lives, trying their best to rise above their unfortunate circumstances and get back to where they once were – housed, employed and healthy.

At the Mission, people find hope and restoration because they’re known by name, they have nothing to be ashamed of here and they have access to every resource needed to restore their lives 365 days a year.

None of this is possible unless the beautiful people of Colorado Springs see past the ugly residue of homelessness and see the humanity of the person shrouded by it instead. Lives can be restored because love is bigger and more prominent in our city than homelessness.

So please join Springs Rescue Mission as we celebrate the beauty in our community and help us spread the word about something we’re calling #ABeautifulCOS.

Colorado Springs (COS) is the most beautiful city in America. Hands down. And a big part of that beauty is the way we work together to support beautiful people through causes like Springs Rescue Mission.

Our city has a lot of heart and it shows in the lives being saved and transformed at the Mission. As homelessness grows in our community, we need overwhelming support from every neighbor in Colorado Springs to support our beautiful cause.

Visit SpringsRescueMission.org/ABeautifulCOS and see the difference you can make in the life of a homeless neighbor. You’ll hear from some of the beautiful people we serve every day and you’ll see how your gifts can help meet the growing needs within our community.

Support a beautiful Colorado Springs. Help a beautiful cause like the Mission. Give to #ABeautifulCOS and support your local Rescue Mission today.


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