A Month in Review: January 2019 A Month in Review: January 2019

Your generosity made it possible for us to have a record-breaking month at Springs Rescue Mission. Because of you, over 400 neighbors found shelter in a single night and over 10,000 bed nights were provided during the month. Your support is truly changing lives!

Take a look at some of the recent highlights at the Mission below, plus find out how Curtis got his life back on track through Springs Rescue Mission.

Three local food trucks generously donated their time and food to provide a special dinner for guests. Guests were able to choose their meals from Porkman’s Pit, Little Piazza, and Mateo’s Catering, and smiles were abundant as they ate the delicious food. We’re very thankful for these businesses who truly care for their neighbors in need.

Sam, a current New Life Program student, completed his ACF Cooking Challenge and earned a gold medal for his efforts. He has been working closely with Mission Catering and is a talented chef. The judges loved his salad, steak au poivre, and cherries jubilee. He is now one step closer to graduation.

The annual “Point in Time” survey was conducted during a bitterly cold week at the end of January. This important survey provides the city with vital information, such as how many neighbors are struggling with homelessness, where people seek shelter, etc. We are very interested to find out the results of the survey, which should be posted in the late spring.

Curtis has gotten his life back on track because of resources he found at Springs Rescue Mission.

“I am done. I hate meth, I am tired of being homeless.”

Those were the words Curtis*, a guest at the Mission since April 2018, spoke to his caseworker before making great strides toward sobriety and independent living. Unfortunately, he got caught up with the wrong crowd and fell back into his addictions. His caseworker let him know that she would be there for him once he felt ready to achieve sobriety.

A few months later, a simple, “What do we have to do to get me back on track?” set the ball back in motion for Curtis.

Now, with an updated housing application and regained sobriety, Curtis is eligible for permanent housing and will soon be in his own place.
*name changed to protect privacy

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