A Month in Review: March 2019 A Month in Review: March 2019

Because of you, the guests at Springs Rescue Mission know someone cares for them. Not only were they able to find safety through a massive spring blizzard, but there will soon be new ways of accommodating them on the Springs Rescue Mission campus. And it’s all thanks to you! Scroll down for recent highlights, plus read the story of Timothy’s transformation.

We were ecstatic to break ground on the last phase of our campus! On March 12th a group gathered for the groundbreaking of a brand-new welcome center, as well as a kitchen and 200-seat dining room. We’re so grateful for the Colorado Springs community who is working together to restore lives. To learn more about this new venture, click here.

The day after the groundbreaking, the “bomb cyclone” hit Colorado Springs. During this time more than 300 neighbors sought refuge in the Resource Center during the day and over 400 overnight guests in the shelters. This would not have been possible last year, but because of your generous giving, we were able to assist everyone who came to us for warmth and safety. Thank you!

Five food trucks volunteered their time and food, and served over 500 meals on the Springs Rescue Mission campus! This event, put on by the Food Truck Alliance, is growing every month, and the guests that stay on our campus are always very excited. Thank you to Mateo’s Catering, Porkman’s Pit, Little Piazza Food Truck, Marlee Rae’s, and Lucy I’m Home for caring for Colorado Springs neighbors!

Sam graduated from the New Life Program in early March. At his graduation, everyone talked about his journey during the program, and how he is known as a man of great strength and faith. His mentors in Mission Catering see him as a particular blessing and are excited to see what he does with the next chapter of his life.

Sam’s graduation verse is Job 8:7, which says, “Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.”

Congratulations, Sam!

Thanks to you, Timothy had a place to stay while getting a fresh start 
Timothy* checked into the Entry Shelter last December, defeated and struggling with alcoholism. He joined the Work Engagement crew and started cleaning up the Springs Rescue Mission campus, then got a job at a local carwash as a result of his work ethic. Timothy also joined a group for those struggling with addiction and eventually accepted an opportunity to move into a sober living home.

Now, Timothy often comes back to Springs Rescue Mission to share his testimony of getting out of homelessness and starting a new chapter in life. He takes the time to serve coffee to the guests staying on campus and listens to them as well. His transformation is nothing short of miraculous, and Timothy shares that he is thankful for having the Mission as a safe place to stay while taking advantage of his opportunity at a fresh start.
*name changed to protect privacy

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