A Month in Review: May 2019 A Month in Review: May 2019

May was a month of hope at Springs Rescue Mission. With over a dozen graduations from different programs, excitement was evident on everyone’s face as they were given a new lease on life. This is only possible because you’ve cared for your neighbors! Scroll down to read the highlights of May, plus read Victor’s story of getting back on track.

It’s the season of graduations! Five men graduated from the New Life Program in the month of May. The friends, mentors and co-residents of the men talked about all of their transformations during the time in the program, as well as their Christ-likeness and newfound joy. Congratulations to Jonah, Joseph, Richard, Greg, and Matthew!

Due to an unexpected heavy snowstorm in late May, we sheltered nearly 450 guests the night after the storm! This total included a record 126 women, as well. Thank you for making it possible to serve this many neighbors in need!

Ten men beamed with happiness as they graduated from the 16-week “Life Skills” course at the Mission. This important course taught them not only the necessary skills to get a job, but to keep a job as well.

As our on-campus chaplain said: “This is an awesome day of celebration. A day of completion. You’ve finished the race, and you’re going into a new beginning.”

A basic need of guests at Springs Rescue Mission is proper foot care. Because many spend hours standing or walking on a daily basis, foot health is essential to overall health.

We’re especially thankful for students from UCCS who took time out of their busy schedules to hold a “foot clinic” for guests. Guest’s feet were treated, and they all left feeling better. As guest Roger said, “Now I’m ready for sandal season!”

Music rings out through the courtyard twice weekly now, as Resonate Music Therapy started music therapy sessions with groups of guests. Each guest describes why particular well-known songs have meaning to them, and then they all play a song together with various instruments.

These sessions give guests a chance to interact with each other in new ways and show the positive effect music can have. We’re excited to see this group grow in the future!

Because of your support, Victor is back on track.
After a series of events, Victor* found himself homeless and without a job. Though he tried to stay with friends, he ended up at Springs Rescue Mission, determined to find the help he needed. He signed up with a client navigator at the resource center, who helped him get a new driver’s license, social security card and birth certificate. She also let him know of a nearby job fair and provided him with a bus ticket to get there, where Victor found work as a houseman. When he found a job, he told his client navigator, “You (SRM) give us all we need; it’s up to the person to use it.”

Victor is currently working and staying at the men’s shelter, saving up paychecks to afford a deposit for an apartment. He also hopes to regain custody of his teenage son. Victor wants others to know how thankful he is for the encouragement he received while at Springs Rescue Mission.
*name changed to protect privacy

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