A Month in Review: November 2018 A Month in Review: November 2018

Because of your compassion, November and December have been record-setting months at Springs Rescue Mission. More neighbors than ever have been served a piping hot meal and gone to bed safe from the frigid temperatures. They’re also receiving Christian counseling and finding the tools they need to get out of homelessness.

Take a look at some of the recent highlights at the Mission below, plus read Joe’s success story.

The new Entry Shelter officially opened on December 10th. With 150 brand-new beds, this brings our total bed count to 450. This is a 50% increase over last year! Please be praying for the people who will fill these beds.

Over 100 volunteers served Thanksgiving meals to more than 800 hungry neighbors at our annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet! Guests were able to receive Bibles, cold weather gear, socks, and free flu/Hepatitis A shots thanks to the generosity of the community. Ministry team members were also on hand to pray with anyone who wanted prayer.

Scott and Mike are now the most recent graduates from the New Life Program. Mike’s peers recognized his good heart and kindness to others, as well as his spiritual transformation. People at Scott’s graduation spoke of his leadership qualities, quiet confidence, and gentle spirit. Congratulations to both men!

We enjoyed having No Smile Left Behind on campus recently. This mobile dental office has two treatment rooms as well as digital x-rays and specializes in immediate, convenient treatment. Our guests were thrilled to have their dental needs taken care of!

Joe was able to find employment and housing because of your support.

About 10 years ago, Joe* lost both of his parents. Tragedy struck again a short time later when his wife and son were murdered. After a few years, Joe’s health declined to the point of him losing his job. Unable to pay rent, Joe moved in with family for a short time and then landed in transitional housing.

Joe had distanced himself physically and emotionally from his oldest daughter but felt the need to reconnect with her. Although he deeply desired to see his daughter, he decided not to contact her until he was in a more stable situation.

Joe came to Springs Rescue Mission and took advantage of the resources on campus. Within a few short weeks of being at the Mission, Joe landed a job as a maintenance technician and less than 30 days after that he was able to obtain housing. Joe’s primary focus now is to rebuild the deteriorated relationship with his daughter and grandchildren. Please pray for Joe as he continues through the transformation process.
*name changed to protect privacy

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  1. So proud of these grads and those longing to reconnect with family members! SRM is doing a fine job for our community and the Kingdom of God!

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