A Month in Review: October 2018 A Month in Review: October 2018

Despite the chilly weather, there’s a warmth at Springs Rescue Mission. It comes from guests knowing that a hot shower, delicious meal, and safe night out of the cold await them. And it’s all because of your generous support! Take a look at what’s happening at the Mission below, plus read a touching letter from a former guest.

Join us for Sing! An Irish Christmas. Featuring Ireland’s own Keith and Kristyn Getty (best known for carols and modern hymns, including, “In Christ Alone”). This concert promises to be a wonderful way to celebrate the joy of the season.

Because you are a friend of Springs Rescue Mission, you can receive a 20% discount on tickets! Simply use the code RESCUE while ordering here.

We look forward to seeing you on December 10th at the Pikes Peak Center!

The first phase of the campus reconfiguration is complete! The Supportive Family Services store and donation center has now been moved to its new location at 111 W Las Vegas (pictured above) in order to make room for 150 new shelter beds. Currently we can accommodate up to 100 more guests while the new shelter is in the final stages of construction.

Greenway Flats was dedicated earlier this month as people wrote prayers, scriptures, and blessings on the framing of the building.¬†This 65-unit apartment complex is designed to house our city’s most vulnerable, chronically homeless neighbors. It’s planned to open in Spring 2019.

Douglas has turned his life around, thanks to you.

We recently received an update from Douglas, a former guest. Thank you for making his success story possible!

“To all of you who helped and have made a difference in my life. My name is Douglas, a former guest of your hospitality and generosity. I wanted to thank you for everything that your organization and the people up front and behind the scenes provide. My story getting there is nothing new, but I hope that the details of my departure can be taken as a story of your success as well as my own.

You were there when no one else was, a place to be when I had been cast out, and a warm smile when the one who I had trusted turned cold. I have seen and know of the hardships your people take on in so many that may never recover. I only hope that in my writing to you and my tale of regrowth is a small token of pride that can be used as a light to shine on goals of future endeavors towards helping those still in need.

In the few short months since I found that the bonds of family are truly limitless, I have turned everything around. I am employed, (and quite successful) living under my own roof, have bought a vehicle, and am within a short reach of working under my own name. I can’t Thank You enough for all the help you have given.”

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  1. I would like to visit the facility and see for myself what you are doing.

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