A Month in Review: October 2019 - Springs Rescue Mission A Month in Review: October 2019 - Springs Rescue Mission

Thanks to caring neighbors like you, hundreds of people found refuge at Springs Rescue Mission during the recent storms. And soon, we’ll serve Thanksgiving meals to those who need it most. Scroll down to find read more of the highlights of October, plus read Jodi’s story of finding help.

On October 10th, Colorado Springs got its first big winter storm of the season. That night, Springs Rescue Mission housed 475 guests – a new sheltering record! On nights such as those, getting homeless people out of the cold is a matter of life and death. Many of those same people stayed multiple nights, ate hearty meals in Samaritan’s Kitchen and sought shelter in our resource center during the day.

October 28th was a busy day at Springs Rescue Mission. As snow rolled into Colorado Springs, temperatures fell below freezing and hundreds came to the Mission for shelter. That day, we had more than 230 people seeking warm shelter in the resource center. Many took hot showers, saw their case managers and had a bowl of soup. It’s days like this that validate why your support is so important to help the homeless, addicted and hungry in our community.

“How can I help?” We hear this question every day from people in the community. It’s human nature to want to help, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Since November is Homelessness Awareness Month, we’ve put together “Top 5 Ways to Help the Homeless.” Click the image and share this article with others who want to help!

Brian graduated from the New Life Program on October 17th. During the ceremony, his co-residents and mentors talked about his confidence, patience and determination. They also noted his ever-present smile and positive attitude, saying he has inspired them also to be positive. “If you’re trying to stay clean and sober, you’ve gotta get the God deal right,” Brian said. “If you can straighten that part out while you’re here, you have done something that will carry you beyond. … That relationship is the most important one. … The time I’ve spent in the program has given me perspective on life.” Read more of Brian’s story here.

Because of your support, Jodi can fight cancer.

Last September, Jodi* was notified that her rent was increasing from $650 per month to $1000 per month. Despite working as a manager at a local grocery store, she couldn’t keep up with the new rent and was evicted. This led to her living on the streets, and she eventually lost her job. While living on the streets, she was also diagnosed with cancer. With nowhere else to go, Jodi found herself at Springs Rescue Mission.

In August of this year, Jodi became one of the newest residents of Greenway Flats. With a permanent place to call home, she now gets the treatment needed to beat cancer. Jodi is grateful for those who helped her along the way and wants to encourage others in her shoes to understand that there are people that want to help and plenty of resources available.
*name changed to protect privacy

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