A Year in Review: July 2017 - June 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission A Year in Review: July 2017 - June 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission

Over 100,000 bed nights
It may be July, but we’re starting a new (fiscal) year! The total amount of bed nights for our fiscal year (July 2017 – June 2018) was 100,427 bed nights, serving over 2,500 men and women. This includes 563 women who sought out a warm, safe place to sleep, and found the women’s shelter at Springs Rescue Mission. The women also took just over 10,000 showers during the year, which was the first step toward re-establishing basic human dignity.


50 guests employed
At the end of June, over 50 guests counted themselves as employed. Their average salary is $11.55/hour, and the average about 32.4 hours of work per week. While they are gainfully employed, their salaries are too low to find housing in the booming housing market of Colorado Springs. Client navigators at Springs Rescue Mission are helping them to find “movement solutions” to help them transition into permanent housing.


11,000 one-on-one connections
We are happy to say that the Resource Center has been open for just over one year! During that time, this one-stop facility was the site of roughly 24,000 showers and 8,270 loads of laundry. Guests also made 11,300 connections with agencies in the Resource Center, seeking help with prescriptions, medical care, mental health care, domestic violence issues, and much more.


20150203_gc_003552% more meals than last year
The Samaritan’s Kitchen continues to produce nutritious meals at an astounding rate! During the last 12 months, nearly 190,000 meals have been served to roughly 500 people on a daily basis. This is an increase of 52% over last year! Roughly 10-12 men from the New Life Program work in the kitchen as part of the Work Readiness program, and 7 men have moved into jobs in the culinary industry upon their graduation.


More than 2 dozen graduates
The men’s New Life Program saw 26 men graduate over the last year. All men in the program worked hard on their physical, spiritual, and emotional health, with over 1,800 case management and 1:1 counseling sessions. They also took 2,675 class sessions, with 39 men completing their studies and 3 men completing their GED.

After graduating from the New Life program, many men made the transition to the Mission Inn sober living facility. The Inn ran at full capacity for nearly 95% of the year! This is a great “first step” for many men as they exit the program, as it helps with both affordable housing and a continued sober-living environment.


3,000 families served
More than 3,500 families visited the Supportive Family Services “store” during the year, and a record 6,696 gift-in-kind donations were given to Springs Rescue Mission! Neighbors received 10,894 food boxes throughout the year, and a whopping 55,000 pounds of clothing were distributed to the community. Because of your generosity, over 250 families received furniture donations during the year, as well. We look forward to continuing to serve our neighbors in need as we start a new fiscal year.


Lives are restored on our campus daily because of generous gifts from caring neighbors like you. None of this would be possible without your prayers and donations. If you’re not part of our family of donors and volunteers yet, we invite you to join us today!



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