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A restored relationship and a place to call home: Ken & Teresa's Story

A restored relationship and a place to call home: Ken & Teresa's Story
Nearly a year after Ken and Teresa first arrived at the gates of Springs Rescue Mission, they’re finally home.

On February 17th, the couple signed the lease on a new apartment — a place to call their own, in which to live the prayerful lives they’ve had their hearts set on for the past year.“If it wasn't for the Mission and what we went through, we wouldn't have what we have today,” Ken said. “It has made us closer to God and it has made us more grateful than ever.”By the time Ken and Teresa met in 2011, each had experienced stints of homelessness. For Teresa, it began when she fled domestic violence. For Ken, addiction and divorce led to a downward spiral. But they supported each other through the hard times.“I wasn’t looking for nobody,” Ken said. “But I looked at Teresa and said to myself, ‘I’d like to talk to her.’ That’s the best decision I ever made.”“He’s the love of my life,” Teresa added.They gradually made their way out of homelessness and were married in 2014. Their lives felt stable once again. But Ken began to struggle.After 11 years in the military, Ken was left with invisible scars. He struggled with PTSD from combat in places like Bosnia, Somalia and Iraq. He drank to soothe the pain; and when he lost his mom four years ago, his addiction spiraled out of control.

“That just killed me,” Ken said. “I was giving up.”

Ken and Teresa tried to hold things together the best they could, but when he contracted COVID-19 in early 2021, it caused a chain reaction that led back to homelessness.“We had to sell the car to buy food and things,” he said. “I didn’t have transportation to work, so I lost my job that I’d been working at eight years.”They were evicted and turned to Springs Rescue Mission for help.

“I was so scared,” Teresa said.While staying at the Mission the couple became involved in work engagement and both graduated the Intensive Outpatient Program for addiction recovery. They worked on their relationship, which had been strained by the difficulties of their life together.“We were in a hole at that time, and we were trying to dig ourselves out,” Ken said. “And the Mission was there.”The couple agrees that the driving force behind the restoration of their relationship and their lives is a relationship with God.“I say my prayers every night, and I say more prayers at work,” Ken said. “I say ‘God, come on and hang with me.’ And he does.”On February 17th — the couple’s eight-year wedding anniversary — Ken and Teresa signed the lease of their new apartment after being on the waitlist since the beginning of the year.

“I love this apartment,” Teresa said. “I’m so grateful.”

As suddenly as they came to the Mission for help, they left with the dream of making their new house a home. Together, they’re rebuilding the life they lost.“It feels good to come home from work, take shower, eat something and go to bed,” Ken said. “And to sleep next to my wife every night.”Teresa is currently working toward starting her own business, and Ken works for the City of Colorado Springs. He hopes to one day work for the Mission and would soon like to start preaching — sharing his love of people and of God with others.

“I'm never going to quit giving back because I love helping people,” Ken said. “I'm thankful and I'm blessed.”
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