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Don't Forget About Thanksgiving: Colorado Springs Turkey Collection

Don't Forget About Thanksgiving: Colorado Springs Turkey Collection

It’s already started. I turned on the radio and heard my first Christmas song of the season. Not a bad thing, I think just unexpected. Christmas isn’t on my mind yet.Thanksgiving, however, is.In so many ways, I think Thanksgiving has been forgotten. It has become just a meal. Well, a meal and the launch of holiday shopping. Black Friday has now inched even closer to becoming “Black Thursday” as stores open their doors earlier every year.Sometimes we skip over Thanksgiving completely and jump to Christmas. I always joke that the magic of Halloween is that at midnight it turns into Christmas.But Thanksgiving is more than just a meal. It should be a time we gather in community to give thanks and celebrate one another. It is also a time we should take to pause and be grateful.

Thanksgiving Meal for Colorado Springs Community

Every year, Springs Rescue Mission hosts a Thanksgiving event. The meal is open to anyone who is looking to enjoy a hot meal and enjoy good company.And yes, while it is a meal, to those we serve it’s much more than that.For many in our community, it’s one day in the year they get to rest and enjoy. They don’t have to worry about if they’re going to get a meal. They don’t have to stress about deciding whether to pay for transportation or food for their family that day.But we need your help! The meal is only possible through donations of turkeys. That’s right; we need to collect turkeys.

We Need 800 Turkeys

There are a lot of hungry folks in our community, and we want to rise to the occasion and meet the need. This year, we want to collect 800 turkeys to help feed everyone.Here’s what you can do to help.

Drop Off Turkeys on Nov. 11

We will be collecting turkeys on our campus on Friday, Nov. 11, 8am-5pm. We will use the turkeys for the Thanksgiving meal. We will also distribute turkeys to families in need throughout the holiday season.We are part of the community "Turkey Team" alongside Catholic Charities and Care & Share, reaching thousands of people in southern Colorado to help provide a happy holiday meal for those in need across the region.While we will be attempting to collect as many turkeys as possible on that specific date, we will continue to accept frozen turkey donations all the way up to Thanksgiving.We’re excited to have you join us for this great opportunity! Let’s rally and collect as many turkeys as possible!

Visit springsrescuemission.org/gss to learn more.

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