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"What does Easter mean to you?" - a Q&A with SRM Guests

"What does Easter mean to you?" - a Q&A with SRM Guests

Easter is a day of hope. It's a day to reflect and meditate on the love and mercy in our lives and to receive God's light and encouragements for our futures.At Springs Rescue Mission, we see hundreds of neighbors in need each day. They are men and women who have seen hard times and struggles: with hunger, with homelessness, with addiction and with illness. But despite dark days, many still choose to see the light. And homelessness is not synonymous with hopelessness.We recently spoke to a few of our guests about what brings them hope this Easter.

"What does Easter mean to you?"

Kenny, former shelter guest

“It’s very special to me. A time to be with my grandkids and my kids. We Easter egg hunt and I’ll get out there and do it with them. Being a Southern boy, it means family time.”

Teresa, former shelter guest

“It’s about family getting together to celebrate the rise of Jesus. He brought us all together.”

Victor, shelter guest

“It makes me happy. It reminds me of when we all got together as a family — of good times and simpler times.”

Mark, shelter guest

“It’s about hope and about the renewal that spring brings. It’s a good time.”

Fran, former guest

“It’s a celebration of God. But every day is a day to celebrate God.”

Angela, shelter guest

“I celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the new life that Easter represents. That’s what it’s about for me.”

Von, shelter guest

“It means that our Father has risen and is alive. I’m very appreciative and grateful for that.”
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