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We’re Expanding our Winter Shelter in 2015

We’re Expanding our Winter Shelter in 2015

Robert Joseph Smith was well loved at Springs Rescue Mission. Yes, he was an alcoholic who had struggled from many traumas throughout his life. But he was kind, polite and always well dressed. The mission worked hard to get him off the streets, and finally, on December 10, 2012, he was two days away from getting the keys to his own apartment.That night, Robert went to sleep in his tent — and never woke up.In 2013, Springs Rescue Mission opened a winter shelter for up to 35 homeless men and women, potentially saving the lives of homeless neighbors like Robert. And this winter, we’re expanding our shelter to house up to 57 men and women.On any given night in Colorado Springs, this winter, between 250 and 300 homeless men and women go to sleep in parks, on sidewalks, in back alleys, or under bridges. Many are in danger of serious respiratory illnesses, frostbite, loss of limbs and even death. But now they’ll have a place to go in the winter.“We want to welcome everyone who needs a bed,” says Sarah Stacy, director of Springs Rescue Mission’s Resource Advocacy Program and winter shelter. “We don’t check for warrants or other offenses. We don’t check blood for alcohol or drugs. We’re equipped to deal with people struggling with mental illness. And we even accept our guests’ pets.”

A Pathway Home

The Mission, however, does not see the shelter as an end in itself. “Our shelter saves lives. But we’re also showing them the loving kindness of God,” Stacy says. “We believe that when we show them we truly care, when we’ve earned their trust, we can develop a relationship with them. When that happens, we can often help them escape their chronic homelessness, obtain housing, and become a contributing member of the community.“Sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry, showing mercy — this is the Gospel in action. I think it’s important for our donors to understand they’re not just saving lives, they’re transforming lives. Through the simple act of offering someone a bed, we have the opportunity to show them Jesus.”

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