Springs Rescue Mission:

Homelessness Doesn’t Take A Weekend: Food, Shelter and Showers Available Every day!

Homelessness Doesn’t Take A Weekend: Food, Shelter and Showers Available Every day!

As our campus expands and our services increase, we have begun seeing more and more needs that should be met.

I’ve noticed this weird trend in Colorado Springs. When it rains, snows, sleets or other, it seems to always happen on the weekends. Why is that? Maybe I notice it so much because I am aware that that is the one time our neighbors experiencing homelessness on our campus have no services available to them.That is, until now.When we opened our new shelters this past fall, we opened them to be permanent, seven days a week shelters. Which meant we officially became an organization that was always on the clock. This was challenging for our staff, but we quickly began to learn and improve. And now we have a smoothly operating facility that is serving our guests every day of the week.But with having guests on our campus around the clock, we quickly realized we need to be providing more than just shelter every day.As of this weekend, we now have a full range of services available to our guests every day.

Resource Center

During the week, our resource center offers client navigation, which helps our guests find services and resources available to them. The resource center also offers 16 public showers.Now, during the weekend, the resource center will be open, providing a dry, safe environment for our homeless neighbors. They will also be able to take a shower during the weekends.

Samaritan’s Kitchen

We serve eight meals from our kitchen on a daily basis. In the past, we’ve offered breakfast and dinner to the public every day except Sunday. But now, we are expanding this service to Sunday as well. Now neighbors will have a place to get a warm, nutritious meal every day.

Donations Accepted on Saturday

We’ve also recognized a need for you, our friends and valued community members.We rely heavily on donations of food, clothing and household items. We give these items out, free of charge to individuals and families living in poverty. These items have been accepted during the week at our donation dock. But we realize this is when many of you are at work and unable to bring donations to the Mission.Starting now, we are accepting these donations on Saturdays as well. We hope this provides available time for you to bring your donations to the Mission at your convenience.We are excited for the newly expanded hours and services we’re able to provide. This is only made possible because of generous support from our friends and community members like you.As we move into this newest venture, please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we take on this new challenge of being open every day of the week, every day of the year!

Visit springsrescuemission.org/gss to learn more.

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Without a warm and safe place to sleep, many of our homeless neighbors wouldn’t survive on the streets.