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Shining light in dark places: Kweyono's Story of Hope and Healing

Shining light in dark places: Kweyono's Story of Hope and Healing

Kweyono’s mission in life is profoundly simple.“I want to live life, love people and be the light of God — shine the light of Christ in the dark places,” she said.Kweyono is no stranger to the dark places.Born and raised in Liberia, she was just five years old when she witnessed the tragic deaths of her mother and father. Fearing for her life, Kweyono fled into the nearby jungle.“I ran away and was in the forest by myself like a week,” she said. “I feel like the Lord was with me and He was leading me.”Kweyono later immigrated with her family to the United States in 2000. Her life stabilized, as she attended school and found community in Rhode Island. But the trauma and heartache of her younger years remained.Throughout middle school and high school, Kweyono began experiencing bouts of deep depression. Grief followed Kweyono to college and eventually to a new home in Connecticut. But so did God. With seemingly nowhere to turn for relief from her emotional pain, she leaned on God for help and guidance.“I feel like it would not be possible to be where I'm at without God,” she said. “He has always been with me.”Kweyono says her year of “victory and breakthrough” came in 2021, after she moved to Colorado Springs and began to heal from depression and trauma. “I feel like God placed me here,” she said.While looking at job listings one night, Kweyono came upon an available position at Springs Rescue Mission: a position as a security guard. As a petite young woman, the prospect of working in security never crossed her mind. But the organization’s mission statement spoke to her.“I think the core values and even the description of the job drew me here,” she said.Being able to share her faith at work and minister to those in need was attractive to Kweyono, regardless of her job duties. So, she applied and within weeks became the Mission’s newest security officer.But it’s about so much more than just a job for Kweyono.“I realized how desperate I was to be closer to God.” “I feel like Jesus was on this earth to show love to the most hurt people. That’s what I want to do here.”

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