Caring for our smallest guests - Springs Rescue Mission Caring for our smallest guests - Springs Rescue Mission

vet2If you own an animal, you understand they are more than just a pet. They are a member of the family and an irreplaceable companion. For many of the guests at Springs Rescue Mission, their pets are the only family they have and provide significant companionship.

However, they cannot give their pets the veterinary care they need. On top of many other worries and struggles, caring for the needs of a pet can be burdensome. Even if guests have the funds for a vet check or other services, finding transportation to make it to a vet office can be impossible.

Recently, twenty-two shelter guests’ pets received the care and services they needed. Street Dog Coalition of Colorado Springs and Apex College of Veterinary vet3Technology partnered with Springs Rescue Mission to provide vaccines, microchips, bloodwork, evaluation of skin masses, referrals for free surgical care and much more.

Dr. Lauren Seal leads the charge for the Street Dog Coalition in the Colorado Springs area and also volunteers often at both the men’s and women’s shelter at Springs Rescue Mission. Along with Dr. Seal, eighteen volunteers, including seven veterinarians, offered their time and services to help guests and their pets. Dr. Seal and her team are committed to providing care to animals and their owners alike.

vet1It’s devastating for a homeless person to see their pet struggle and not have the means or the ability to help them. Street Dog Coalition was formed in Fort Collins in 2015 for this very reason. They provide free veterinary services to homeless people so they don’t have to watch their pets struggle. There are now fourteen Street Dog Coalition clinics active across the country, and they understand the deep connection between pet and owner.

We’re thankful for organizations like Street Dog Coalition and the time they take to make sure our furry guests are well taken care of too.

While a pet for a homeless person might seem like an unnecessary burden, for many homeless guests, their pets provide comfort and friendship they don’t find elsewhere. Things many of us take for granted, like veterinary care, are scarce for those staying at Springs Rescue Mission. That’s why we’re grateful for organizations like Street Dog Coalition who volunteer their time and talent to help homeless guests take care of their pets.


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