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I spent most of my life worshipping the unholy trinity of me, myself, and I. Thing is, when you don’t have anything else to believe in, success can be pretty boring.

And I was successful for a long time — at least, work wise. I managed retail stores, and I was good at it. My specialty was turning around failing businesses, which was pretty easy as long as I didn’t care about the people I managed, as long as the only one who mattered was me. But even though I turned countless businesses around, and I was paid well for it, I was bored and empty. I knew there had to be something more. But what?

I had no idea. And thanks to alcohol, I didn’t have to think about it. I’d been drinking since high school. It went wherever I went and it was a normal, daily thing.

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Then I got married — and we divorced three years later. Alcohol didn’t ruin our marriage, but it certainly made everything worse. And after the divorce, I drank even more. I was probably drinking a liter of whiskey and bourbon every day. And I saw no reason to stop.

Rising From Rock Bottom

To make matters worse, I started taking several drugs like Xanax that a psychiatrist prescribed. Taking those, along with the drinking, I was a train wreck. I started blacking out and I didn’t know who I was half the time. My career tanked at that point, and so did my health. A doctor told me if I didn’t stop drinking, I was going to die.

I came to Springs Rescue Mission in 2010, got sober, and went back to work. I thought I was “fixed.” But I went right back to drinking. So I came back to the Mission. I had to take God and Jesus Christ seriously this time. And I did.

It changed everything. I’m now attending Nazarene Bible College, studying Christian Leadership and Ethics. I want to go back into managing businesses or nonprofits, but this time with a focus on God and loving the people I manage.



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