A Month in Review: July 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission A Month in Review: July 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission

July Stats

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July was an exciting month at Springs Rescue Mission. Guests had a chance to use art to express themselves and men in our addiction recovery program participated in a career fair. Take a look at some of the highlights of July below.

  • The Mission hosted the first “Poetry and Pottery Heals” event. More than 50 guests used the art of poetry and sculpting pottery to express themselves
    Men work on their poetry during the "Poetry and Pottery Heals" event.

    Men work on their poetry during the “Poetry and Pottery Heals” event.

    creatively. This also gave them the chance to use art as a form of therapy. The event was a success, and we’re looking forward to hosting more events in the future.

  • Four men were full of smiles and hope as they graduated from the New Life Program during the month. Their stories vary greatly, but they have one thing in common: they’ve been deeply changed by their time in the New Life Program. All of the men graduated with employment and accommodations secured, and each one had tremendous hope for his future.
  • Thanks to two hard-working church youth groups, the interior of the women’s shelter has been repainted! The painting of the interiors has made the shelter a more comfortable, welcoming environment. This completes the first phase of a remodel project in the women’s shelter, we’re hoping to complete phase two by the end of September. This next phase will add more essential toilets and stalls, as well as replacing the flooring and shoring up the windows for the upcoming windows.
  • 20171115_gc_0066The men of the New Life program have taken over breakfasts in the Samaritan’s Kitchen! The “Work Readiness” phase prepares the men for the jobs they will get after graduation. This is an essential part of the program which sets men up for future success by preparing them in advance for their return to the professional world. The men in the “Work Readiness” phase are now in charge of opening the kitchen at 4:30am each day to prepare and serve more than 200 breakfasts for our hungry neighbors.
  • As any local can tell you, Colorado weather is unpredictable and often extreme. Several severe thunderstorms during the month made it necessary to exceed our summer capacities for 17 days in the women’s shelter, and 21 days in the men’s shelter.


John had hit rock bottom, but one decision he made turned his life around. 

John* is a recovering addict who has struggled with alcoholism most of his life. Not long ago, he was a successful car salesman for a local dealership. But two and a half years ago, that all changed. In short succession, he lost his job, went broke, experienced a failed marriage, went through the loss of his father, and was in a horrific car accident that should have killed him. This was his rock bottom.

20161116_gc_0902Having nowhere else to go, he found himself at Denver Rescue Mission. While he was there, he met Reverend J. Earl. Over time, Rev. Earl introduced him to Jesus. John found hope and strength in his newfound relationship with Jesus. He moved from Denver to Colorado Springs and has been staying at Springs Rescue Mission ever since, while he saves up enough to move to an apartment.

Not long ago, John’s teenage son unexpectedly reached out to him, asking if they could get to know each other. John hasn’t spoken with his son in years, and this was truly an answer to his prayers.

Now fully recovered from his car accident, John is once again employed as a car salesman and volunteers regularly in Samaritan’s Kitchen. He is well on his way to having a home of his own once again. He is extremely grateful for both Springs Rescue Mission and Denver Rescue Mission and gives all glory to God for giving him a second chance in life.
*name changed to protect privacy


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