Our Prayer Requests: February 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission Our Prayer Requests: February 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission

The following are prayer requests submitted by neighbors struggling with homelessness, poverty and addiction. Please join Springs Rescue Mission staff and our faithful community as we remember these precious neighbors in our daily prayers:

  • “Please pray for me. I’ve been drinking a lot of booze and not caring for myself. But I do love our Lord Jesus. I know I can stop but I need prayer.” – James
  • “Pray that I’ll find a job soon and let the Lord help my family trust me. Pray that we’ll be able to save up some money.” – Christopher
  • “Please Lord Jesus provide guidance for Virginia and help me find the strength of faith to come to her side in the way she needs most and please be here for us.” – Anonymous
  • “Please pray that everyone would love one another, give respect where it’s given and if not, pray for them.” – M.R.H.
  • “Please pray that I get help to find a nice, clean place to rent on the first of the month, when I get paid. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.” – Jesse
  • “I ask you to pray for us – for a roof over our heads. We stay in tents. My mom is sick. I’ve been sick to where I was in a coma. My brother is out here too and he is trying to do right because he is on parole.” – Laurie
  • “Praise God because Donna got a place! Prayers for all the people here at the Mission.” – B.
  • “Pray for my lung disease to leave so that I can be less stressed and work better for my people. Also, please pray that I get a manageable paying job so I can contribute to the economy.” – Aimee
  • “Please pray for me and my daughter. We are not speaking and there is a hole in my heart without seeing and hearing from her.” – Dana
  • “Please pray that my daughter would forgive me. Pray that I won’t be on the streets. Pray that I get a job quickly.” – Vicki
  • “Pray that I find a job and an apartment.” – Rob
  • “Please pray for me. My family has abandoned me. I’m homeless for the first time. I’m scared.” – Anonymous
  • “Please pray for my family and me. Pray that my husband goes back to work. Pray that his appeal for unemployment would go well and that he’d receive his benefits. Please pray for our children as well.” – Sherrie
  • “Pray that I get this job on Monday.” – Cindy
  • “I would like to have a home, God. Thank you.” – Donna
  • “Pray that my best friend gets that nice apartment. Pray that I would get rid of economic troubles.” – Anonymous
  • “Pray for me to get a job and that my friend Rene would get well from her sickness.” – Will
  • “Please pray for a safe journey for my family and me. Safety through the nights. Love and acceptance as well as forgiveness, both given and received.” – Anonymous
  • “Pray that God would bless the less fortunate and provide food, shelter and income. Pray that people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.” – Daniel

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. – Romans 12:12

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