Our Prayer Requests - January 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission Our Prayer Requests - January 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission
The following are prayer requests submitted by neighbors struggling with homelessness, poverty and addiction. Please join Springs Rescue Mission staff and our faithful community as we remember these precious neighbors in our daily prayers:
  • “Pray for my aunt’s health and my mother’s as well. I wish them longevity and prosperity.” – Joshua
  • “I need prayer for my son, daughter, grand kids and friends. I pray that God will touch and save their lives.” – Keisha
  • “Pray that people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; or at least acknowledge who they are.” – Anonymous
  • “I’m homeless and need my own home. Pray for my kids.” – Lenora
  • “Pray for guidance, understanding, wisdom, strength and my family.” – Davis
  • “Pray for my family to make the right choices.” – Anonymous
  • “Pray for my left foot to get better and for me to get back to work. Pray for my friend to get better.” – Kollin
  • “Please offer a prayer for stable housing for me.” – Mark
  • “Please pray that I have a place to call home.” – Brigette
  • “Pray for the less fortunate and that they get employment, housing, income, vehicle and find a good church home.” – Daniel
  • “Pray that I find and keep a job and find my mission in life.” – Anonymous
  • “Please pray for us and that we can get a roof over our heads. I (Laurie) have had pneumonia twice last year and can’t afford to get ill.” – Laurie, Evelyn and Davis
  • “I pray for strength to conquer my addiction. I pray that I’m capable of forgiving myself for having been too weak to do so for so long.” – Q.
  • “Please pray for a job for us all.” – Brenda
  • “Please pray that my husband’s appeal comes in for his unemployment, that he goes back to work soon, and that we find housing soon. God bless you all.” – Ron, Sharrie, Mathew and Ethan
  • “Please pray for my wife, Pam. She is very sick and I need prayer for her and everyone out on the streets.” – Taz
  • “Please pray for me. I’m trying to stay away from meth. My battle has begun.” – Tim
  • “Please pray that everyone here somehow finds peace and happiness.” – Elia
  • “Please pray that God will help me and my family with a way to take care of and support ourselves without having to struggle just to make it to the next day.” – Brandon

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. – Romans 12:12

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