Our Prayer Requests: July 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission Our Prayer Requests: July 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission

The following are prayer requests submitted by neighbors struggling with homelessness, poverty and addiction. Please join Springs Rescue Mission staff and our faithful community as we remember these precious neighbors in our daily prayers:

  • “Please pray that people will be kind and respectful to others, especially during these rough times.” – Anonymous
  • “Dear God, please help me get safely through the storms and rain today, and bless this day with good and more good. Thank you!” – Diana
  • “Pray for my friends and family to get healthy from drinking, out of homelessness, home safe, and happy and healthy. Please let Bobby come home.” – Anonymous
  • “Dear God, bless me and all my loved ones with good and more good for all of us now. Thank you!” – Diana
  • “I pray for my kid’s safety, and that everyone walks in His image (or at least tries).” – Patricia
  • “Dear God, bless me and all my loved ones all day long.” – Diana
  • “I pray for my fiance, John, to repent and feel guilt, and see what he is doing is wrong. I pray I get over him, get a job, and get the house and car.” – Rosemary
  • “Please bless me and all my loved ones, Lord.” – Diana
  • “Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that Alice will find peace, and I pray for a guardian angel for her.” – Anonymous
  • “I pray people ask Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and to put Bibles in their hands. Help them with their clothing, housing, income, and whatever needs they have. I pray society accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.” – Anonymous
  • “Dear God, bless Shirley’s spirit and soul. I pray with all my heart and soul that she is at peace now with you, and I thank you for sending her in my life for a short time.” – Diana
  • “I pray for the best results for Diana and her short term memory results from the testing she has endured.” – Anonymous
  • “Please pray for my family and friends, and for me in the loss of my son.” – Anonymous
  • “Dear God, show me the way from here now. Thank you for blessing me with good and more good, now and always.” – Diana
  • “I need prayer for strength and guidance to get through these tough times, so I can be a mommy to my 3 babies again!” – Anonymous
  • “Dear God, keep me well and safe throughout the day. I pray all goes well and swiftly.” – Diana
  • “Lord, please take care of my sunshine and the rest of my family, as well as my new friend. Thank you for them all.” – April
  • “Dear God, please bless my whole day with good and more good for me and my loved ones. Please let us have loving kindness.” – Diana
  • “I have been having seizures (31 in 2 weeks). I need to find an end to my misery. Please pray for my health.” – Vicki
  • “Thy will be done.” – Anonymous
  • “I pray for my sister, and the rest of my family. I pray for my future and for people I have unknowingly hurt.” – Anonymous
  • “I pray to make sure all worthy people make it to God’s kingdom.” – Anonymous
  • “I pray for our community to come together and make a difference.” – Anonymous

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. – Romans 12:12

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