2015-16 FY Giving Numbers | Springs Rescue Mission 2015-16 FY Giving Numbers | Springs Rescue Mission

Our fiscal year ended on June 30, and we have great news to share. Because of your generosity, the Mission was able to provide services that saved lives and changed hearts in Colorado Springs.

Fiscal year 2016 by the numbers

Together with thousands of caring, compassionate neighbors in Colorado Springs, you provided


Building for the future

During the course of the year, our team of staff, volunteers and partners also laid the groundwork for some important new initiatives and future growth by

  • Completing and submitting paperwork to the State of Colorado for the development of a new permanent supportive housing project that will make 65 new housing units available to our neighbors struggling with chronic homelessness,
  • Growing Mission Catering, one of our social enterprises, which provided $147,000 in net income to support the Mission this year,
  • Securing approval for a new voucher plan that will make 30 more beds available to our homeless neighbors,
  • Recruiting interns from Newman University to efficiently expand the capacity of our staff,
  • And, most exciting of all, beginning construction on our campus expansion.


People, not numbers

The people who these numbers represent matter so much more than the numbers themselves. Each of them has a story, like Jason, who felt so desperate that he tried to kill himself by driving his car off a cliff (read his story in his own words), or Mike, who is re-building his life and career after losing everything to a near-lethal cocktail of liquor and prescription drugs (Mike explains how redemption is at the core of his recovery).

Thank you!

You made this possible. Springs Rescue Mission is funded almost exclusively by the generosity of our community, caring and compassionate neighbors, businesses, and churches around the city who want Colorado Springs, our city, to be a place where everyone can find hope, not matter his past mistakes, no matter her present afflictions.

So, on behalf of the courageous, talented, beautiful people we serve at Springs Rescue Mission, thank you for making this city a city filled with love and compassion and hope. We are so grateful for good neighbors like you!

About the Author - Larry Yonker

Larry has been with the Mission since January 2011. Larry’s experience with major nonprofits and Fortune 100 corporations gives him the skills and vision required to create successful programs for fundraising, planned giving, donor relations, major donors, marketing, and development activities. He was the owner of a fundraising consulting business, The Elevation Group, for 10 years and served over 300 non-profit organizations and raised over $600,000,000. He was also the Vice President of Development and Marketing for Compassion International, where he worked for nearly a decade. There he managed a $15,000,000 budget and was responsible for $120,000,000 in revenue and 110 employees. Larry worked 16 years in the information technology industry, serving as a Regional Director of the value-added marketing division of Unisys Corporation. Long involved in the Christian Management Association and the Christian Stewardship Association, Larry is also an elder at New Life Church in Colorado Springs and a member of the board of directors for Professional Association of Colorado Educators & Africa Ministries.