Thanksgiving for Our Neighbors: Colorado Springs Community - Springs Rescue Mission Thanksgiving for Our Neighbors: Colorado Springs Community - Springs Rescue Mission

“If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.“ – W. Clement Stone

Every year, without fail, fall and winter appear and with them come wonderful holidays and traditions. Holidays of thankfulness and togetherness. Truly, this time of year is a season of reflection and joy.

Just this past month, many of us celebrated a classic American holiday – Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is notorious for overeating and napping in the afternoon, but ultimately it brings family and friends together.

Thanksgiving for the Colorado Springs Community

At the Rescue Mission, our goal is to ensure all our neighbors have that same experience. Each year since 1996, we’ve invited our neighbors to a Thanksgiving meal, providing each guest with warm meals, warm clothes and a place to gather in community and enjoy. This year wasn’t any different.

Because of generous support from our donors, volunteers and friends like you, our neighbors had a great Thanksgiving. Just look at what we, as a community, were able to do:

Thanksgiving meal statistics.

We enjoyed and shared Thanksgiving with more than 1,100 of our neighbors in Colorado Springs. How awesome is that?


A Community of Hope

Colorado Springs continually proves itself to be a community of love and support for all our neighbors. Thanksgiving was just another reflection of the hope our city offers to everyone who lives here.

For our homeless neighbors and our friends who just needed a warm meal this Thanksgiving, we are grateful they chose to spend it with us.

To all those who donated turkeys, warm clothes or spent your day volunteering your time to serve your neighbors, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What we do is only possible because of you.

What about you? What did you and your family do this Thanksgiving?

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