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In one week, news stations, city officials and leaders of the Pikes Peak Region will be talking about Greenway Flats — the first permanent supportive housing in Colorado Springs.

Here’s what you should know:

It’s permanent.
Greenway is a permanent living space for chronically homeless men and women. It’s like an apartment, but there’s no end on the lease. Greenway Flats is a stable “home” for those who desperately need it, for as long as they need it.

There are no strings attached.
Residents are required to respect the rules on the property and follow the screening process. That’s all. It’s a Housing First idea. Home is the first piece of the restorative puzzle for people identified as chronically homeless. Without constant fear of living on the streets, residents are empowered to care for themselves with support available when they need it.

The 65 rooms are occupied by the chronically homeless. These are individuals who suffer from longer periods without a home — like years. In many cases, they struggle with mental or physical disabilities that stop them from holding (or even finding) a job.

Residents moved in a while ago — and they’ve been sleeping.
When you’re living on the streets, you get little sleep. At least, not the good kind. You’re on guard — trying to survive. Residents moved in over the summer and have finally let their guard down; for some, it’s the first time in decades. It’s a good sign.

We share Jesus’ love within Greenway Flats.
Mission staff and volunteers all share a common belief that the gospel of Jesus transforms lives. That’s why Springs Rescue Mission staff provide prayerful encouragement to all 65 residents during the week. Every time a resident steps out their door and meets with us, we believe the Holy Spirit is there.

It’s on our campus but is not one of our homeless shelters.
The residents of Greenway Flats are different from Springs Rescue Mission shelter guests. They are free to engage with us as much, or little, as they’d like. For instance, they’re welcome to join us for breakfast and dinner but they can enjoy a home-cooked meal in their own unit too.

We believe this will change lives.
Springs Rescue Mission seeks the best ways to serve the homeless community of Colorado Springs. We attend seminars, visit other missions, explore alternatives, etc. The stability of permanent supportive housing is exactly what’s needed for the chronically homeless. It is a firm foundation where they can grow and thrive.

Colorado Springs benefits from Greenway Flats.
It raises the bar for homeless care in the Pikes Peak Region. While the number of homeless individuals has leveled off between 2018 and 2019, there are still men and women in need of shelter. Greenway Flats immediately gets 65 of the most vulnerable people off the streets. It encourages our city to broaden its definition of serving our neighbors. It welcomes new thinking.

We hope the residents will move off campus (when they are ready). Don’t be mistaken, we view this residence as a final step for these men and women. It’s not required, but we believe through stable housing and continued care from our staff, they will start to dream again. It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they know where they’ll sleep at night.

We need your support. Greenway Flats was made possible through grants and our partners, but the ongoing support is a Springs Rescue Mission responsibility. It’s a community responsibility of goodwill and faith in the power of Jesus to transform lives. We want it to be a place of restoration, not only a roof. And that means consistently “showing up” for residents ready to take the next step in life. That takes time and ongoing resources.

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