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Empowering Choice: How SRM Offers Tailored and Diversified Shelter Solutions

Empowering Choice: How SRM Offers Tailored and Diversified Shelter Solutions

Top: SRM's new Relief Center offers guests increased access to daytime shelter and resources like showers and laundry services. Bottom: A newly renovated SRM property creates safe, inviting spaces for women transitioning out of homelessness.

Here at Springs Rescue Mission, we understand the importance of providing the right shelter and program for each individual, at the right time. It's a powerful combination that can transform lives, and it's exactly what we do every day.

Many homeless individuals in our community yearn for diverse sheltering options, yet they may not realize that Springs Rescue Mission offers much of what many are looking for and need. We believe in the concept of agency — the ability for individuals to make their own decisions — especially when it comes to their sheltering and programing needs.

That's why we provide people with the opportunity to choose the type of shelter and programming that best suits them. Whether it's a night-by-night shelter for those seeking a warm, safe and dry environment without the encumbrance of structured programming, or programmatic options for individuals looking for more structured support, guests have choices.

And it's not just about the shelter — it's about the support and care we provide along the way.

Some just need a safe environment free from potential dangers on the streets and others need access to the Department of Human Services to get their ID. We get it.

We also understand that for many, addiction recovery is a personal journey. That's why we offer individuals the choice to participate in recovery programs tailored to their needs. From 12-step meetings and outpatient programs, to our own men’s and women’s residential addiction recovery program, individuals have choices for care.

From short-term shelters to longer-term options combining recovery with transitional and supportive housing, Springs Rescue Mission serves as many as 650 individuals each day, providing a safe environment where they can decompress and make positive choices for their lives.

At Springs Rescue Mission, we believe in the power of choice. That’s one reason why we offer diversified shelter options and access to a wide variety of resources in one location. And we're here to empower individuals to make the choices that will lead them to a brighter future.

Thank you for providing support for homeless neighbors that empowers them to discover pathways out of homelessness.

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