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God’s Cruelest Joke

God’s Cruelest Joke

All my life, I felt like nobody cared about me, like I never mattered to anyone. Even my own parents. My dad often told me he wished I’d never been born. And my mom didn’t do much to show me otherwise. The only people who ever seemed to care were an uncle and my older brother.So by the age of 15, I was using drugs — anything I could my hands on. Alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, pills, meth, anything to make me forget who I was. Because I truly believed I deserved everything bad that happened to me. In fact, I believed I was God’s cruelest joke. It wasn’t long before I was homeless on the streets. And I didn’t care.But in 2013, I met a girl. A drug addict like me. And for some reason, she loved me. It was great, until she decided to get sober, became a Christian, and started going to church. She wanted me to do the same. Thing is, I didn’t want anything to do with God. But I also didn’t want to lose my girlfriend. So I came to Springs Rescue Mission. I told them I was willing to give this place a try, and see what happens.

Stories of Hope - Rehabilitation

Everything Changes

That first day, I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. But before long, I realized I’d have to tear myself completely apart in order to build something new. I had to give God a chance.That year I was here, I experienced a lot of personal loss. It hurt so bad. But instead of running from God, I got on my knees and cried. All the guys in my dorm came around me and comforted me. They cared. For me. I’d never felt that before. It was strange, but I fell in love with God that day. And everything changed.Today, I’m six months sober. I’m surrounded by 40 guys who love me and a church that cares about me. I’m engaged to be married. And I realize that I’m not God’s cruelest joke. I’m living proof that miracles happen.

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