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Lack of Relationship a Cause of Homelessness

Lack of Relationship a Cause of Homelessness

“If it wasn’t for Springs Rescue Mission, I probably would have frozen to death.”After three difficult marriages, Pam became self-dependent and worked hard to support herself. In 1996, Pam was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Over time, the pain from the illness became unbearable, and the symptoms got worse. The disorder deepened her depression and impaired her memory. She struggled to remember words, formulate sentences, and even recall her name.By 2012, she was unable to work. Pam was running low on money, but more frightening, she was running low on relationships. On Mother’s Day three years later, she was homeless and had to survive on the streets.

Running out of relationships is arguably the number one cause of homelessness in America

The factors that many people attribute to homelessness are symptoms of a deeper issue. Unemployment, housing displacement, physical and mental disabilities, addiction to alcohol and narcotics, and domestic violence are most dangerous when combined with deteriorating relationships and the lack of a community to turn to for support.When you give $1.97 to provide a warm meal for a neighbor in need, you’re helping restore relationships and reestablish community. Just like in your home, the kitchen and dining room at Springs Rescue Mission are relationship goldmines. Every morning and evening, hundreds of people experiencing relational droughts in their lives sit around tables, share a hot meal, share their stories and build relationships with staff, volunteers and each other.

Relationship starts with a simple cup of coffee

After enduring the dangers of life on the streets for months, Pam found Springs Rescue Mission’s kitchen and year-round shelter.“They treated me like a human being and helped me understand what I needed to do to get back on my feet. They’re real angels, and they fought for me. They even found me a place to live. Their love and the help they gave me saved my life.”Hunger to Hope is a reality at Springs Rescue Mission, and it’s all thanks to the compassion and care this community demonstrates for their neighbors. When our homeless neighbors run out of relationships, friends like you fill the gaps. The Mission is more than a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter. Meals and shelter are catalysts to restoring relationships, community and lives.There are two special opportunities for our community to help Springs Rescue Mission provide deeper relationships and transform more lives this Easter season.

Easter challenge of $56,000

A generous neighbor has given the Mission a $56,000 gift. They are challenging you to match their generosity. Raise another $56,000 before Easter.It's only been a week since we've announced this challenge, and our neighbors and friends have already donated more than $43,000 for Springs Rescue Mission! We're still three and a half weeks away from Easter Sunday and only have $13,000 to raise to meet the challenge.But what if we did more than just match the challenge? What if it was doubled, or even tripled? That's more than 1,000 additional nights of shelter or 28,000 meals to feed our neighbors in need!That’s an amazing testament to the support this community shows their neighbors who need it most.

#CosILoveYou supports Springs Rescue Mission


Additionally, 24 local congregations have teamed with #COSILoveYou to support the Mission’s efforts to build a new state-of-the-art kitchen and dining facility. For every person attending their Easter Sunday services, they will donate a select amount to help finish our Community of Hope campus expansion project.The new facilities will allow us to double the number of meals we provide each year and seat more people in our dining hall per service.Every time you donate or volunteer, you are helping Springs Rescue Mission build relationships. These relationships are pivotal in the fight against homelessness, poverty, and addiction. Pam’s story is one of the thousands where lives were not only saved but transformed by this community’s love and support. If you haven’t already, please consider turning Hunger to Hope by donating to Springs Rescue Mission today.

Visit springsrescuemission.org/gss to learn more.

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