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Winter is often the most difficult time of year for men and women struggling with homelessness, hunger and addiction.

Thanksgiving and Christmas have a way of triggering feelings of loneliness, heartache and grief for individuals who have suffered significant traumas. For many, they are a reminder of what’s been lost. The holidays can bring back hard memories and bittersweet nostalgia.

Despite those difficulties, the winter has been full of hope and opportunity for Springs Rescue Mission guests.

Since Thanksgiving, we’ve seen guests graduate addiction recovery programs and make the big decision to be baptized; we’ve celebrated the holidays with special meals for over 1,000 hungry neighbors; and we’ve heard the stories of men and women who have escaped the cycles of homelessness, poverty and addiction in their lives.

Here are some highlights from the holiday season — testaments to the transformation that is occurring in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.


Here are a few highlights from the season:


Women Guests Baptized During Bible Studies


Over the past couple of months, four students of women’s Bible studies on campus chose to take their relationships with God one step further by being baptized.

“We are here to help clients who choose to deepen their faith to strengthen their journey with Jesus Christ,” said SRM Chaplain David Packiam. “This is a public declaration of an inner conversion, and the deep commitment these women have made is such an encouragement to us all!”

Congratulations Tiffany, Crystal, Teresa and Kellie!



Homeless Guests Escape Winter Weather

“The snow is beautiful, but it’s so cold,” said one guest. “I worry for people who are still out there trying to make it on their own, and I’m so thankful that we all have a place to get warm and be together.” – Connie, shelter guest

The work Springs Rescue Mission does to help homeless men and women is made possible by the support of this generous community and neighbors like you. And it’s days like Feb. 2 that remind us of how meaningful that work is.

On that Wednesday in early February, a thick blanket of snow coated Colorado Springs and temperatures dipped below zero for the first time this year. Our Resource Center was filled with people seeking shelter from the harsh weather and freezing cold. Because for those who are homeless, that kind of weather can be life-threatening.

Please remember and pray for our homeless neighbors as we continue to experience intermittent winter weather.




Men Gradate the New Life Program

Since November, the folks at Springs Rescue Mission had the pleasure of celebrating three New Life Program graduations!

Over the past few months, Travis, Johnson and Ryan all graduated the year-long, men’s residential addiction recovery program.

During their graduation ceremonies, staff and friends celebrated each man’s incredible growth in areas of emotional, mental and physical health. They all were successful in work programs and in growing their spiritual health — an aspect that we as a faith-based organization consider to be essential to recovery from substance abuse disorders.

“I want to thank God for bringing me here and saving my life,” Johnson said during his graduation in January. “These people saw something in me that I didn’t even see. And I’m grateful they gave me this opportunity.”

Congratulations, men! We look forward to seeing all the incredible things God has planned for your lives.





SRM releases annual Impact Report for 2021

Last year, Springs Rescue Mission celebrated its 25th year serving the homeless and hungry in Colorado Springs. It was also a year of significant growth.⁠

In today’s blog, you’ll find the Mission’s 2021 Impact Report that features highlights, accomplishments, outcomes and guest stories from the last fiscal year (June 2020 to May 2021).

If you’re curious about the impact you make as a supporter of Springs Rescue Mission, take a look!⁠



Hungry Guests Celebrate Holidays at the Mission

Perhaps our favorite time of year at Springs Rescue Mission is the holiday season.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times to reflect on the people and things in our lives that we are grateful for, and to celebrate the work that God is doing in us and through us. It’s a time of hope — for transformation in our lives and for clarity to see the ways in which each of us have been blessed.

At the Mission, volunteers and staff served hungry guests nearly over 1,000 special holiday meals. At each event, our Samaritan’s Kitchen & Dining Hall was filled with smiling and grateful guests. They broke bread with one another to celebrate the occasions.

At the Thanksgiving banquet, one guest remarked that she “couldn’t be more thankful for the people, the delicious plate of food, a warm bed to sleep in and the grace of God.”

We hope you enjoyed the holiday season as much as we did!




November and January Newsletters Available Online

Since our last update, Springs Rescue Mission released two newsletters that highlighted the work we do here on our campus in downtown Colorado Springs.

In November’s newsletter, you’ll read Jason’s amazing story of overcoming homelessness and addiction to become a successful full-time visual artist. You’ll also find a brief overview of 2021 at the Mission, as well as photos from our holiday events.⁠

In January’s newsletter, we saw the story of two women who once came to Springs Rescue Mission for help and are now helping others through their roles as chefs in Samaritan’s Kitchen & Dining Hall.

We love to see stories of success and life transformation — and we love even more to share them with you!




Guests Graduate the Intensive Outpatient Program


Throughout the winter, the Mission has celebrated a series of graduations from the Intensive Outpatient Program for addiction recovery!

Since November, several guests have successfully completed the four-month program, including Ted, Teresa, Kenny, Kenneth and Samantha.

During their graduation ceremonies, friends and staff members gathered to speak to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

The group of graduates included husband and wife Kenneth and Teresa. During a ceremony to celebrate Teresa’s graduation, Kenneth spoke to his wife’s miraculous recovery from addiction.

“God’s got us now,” he told his wife. “We just have to remember that and walk with Him. He’s the one that keeps us sober. He’s the only one that can give us a new life.”





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