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Shelter guests recount COVID's impact on their daily lives

Shelter guests recount COVID's impact on their daily lives

How has COVID-19 impacted your daily life?

“I've tried to encourage other clients here to do things like hand-washing, keep our distance, don't share cigarettes — we have to practice these good behaviors. ... It’s been a group effort and I’m really proud of what we’re doing here and how well this shelter has taken care of us.”– Rob, men's shelter guest in Work Engagement 
“It’s made us more aware. And to work harder. But most of all, myself and my team are working to keep our clients safe as well as our staff. This has brought our team together working tireless to keep everyone safe and sanitized.”– Kim, Greenway Flats resident in Work Engagement 
“When this coronavirus started, there was no fear. The way we see it, we’ve survived so much already. ... It’s not really impacting us like it has the rest of the world. I never expected not to be able to go anywhere this time of year. It’s Spring! Just because we’re homeless doesn’t mean we don’t go anywhere or like to get outdoors and stuff.”- Laron, advanced shelter guest in Work Engagement 
“I never expected an epidemic like this to reach each state in our country so rapidly; but it did, and we just have to get through it. I do believe with all my heart that it’s going to get better. This too shall pass. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but we can’t give up hope. I don’t fear it more now than I would if I still lived in a home or than if I still taught at a school. I fear it now because it’s very serious and it has affected people not just in our country, but around the world. I’m just very grateful and blessed that I have a roof over my head. Yes, we are homeless; but as long as we have shelter, we have a place to stay warm, safe and dry.” - Laurie, women's shelter guest 

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