What does the word 'freedom' mean to you? Shelter guests, others explain - Springs Rescue Mission What does the word 'freedom' mean to you? Shelter guests, others explain - Springs Rescue Mission LUCKY ORANGE TRACKER BELOW

The month of July is often spent in reflection of patriotism and the concept of freedom.

At Springs Rescue Mission, we see people finding freedom every day — albeit a different kind. We see hundreds of Colorado Springs’ most vulnerable neighbors fighting for freedom from addiction and alcoholism; from lives of crime and incarceration; from hunger and homelessness; from struggles of emotional, mental and physical health.

We recently spoke to guests, staff members and volunteers at the Mission about what the concept of freedom means in their lives.

What does “FREEDOM” mean to you?



“I think love is a kind of freedom — being able to love yourself so you can love others.”







“I think freedom means overcoming the obstacles you put before yourself.”








“To me, freedom is serving God and letting him have control.”







“Jesus is my freedom. Letting go and letting him take everything — letting him be in control.”






“Freedom to me is sobriety and having Christ in my life. Amen.”






“To me, freedom is having faith and following God. That makes me feel free.”






“I thought I was free, so I did whatever I wanted. But freedom to me is different now. I don’t carry the weight I used to carry. I did those things, but I know I’m not that person anymore. That isn’t my identity — it doesn’t define me.”

– Jason




“I have the freedom to make choices and to live how I wish. … But there’s also the freedom I feel in my core: freedom to release people from my judgment and not to carry other people’s burdens. I know I can take those things off my shoulders and give them to God.”

– Shelly



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