A Month in Review: April 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission A Month in Review: April 2018 - Springs Rescue Mission

20171115_gc_0446Near-record numbers
Despite climbing temperatures in April, our nightly shelter volume went up. We housed an average of 291 men and women every night, which was close to our record high of 293 people per night. Some of this influx is due to the closing of a nearby Salvation Army facility. Our volunteers welcomed the additional guests and were able to provide manicure night for the women and a concert for the men.

Over 500 meals per day
Samaritan’s Kitchen set a food recovery record for the month, rescuing over 3,600 pounds of food received from partners such as The Broadmoor and Pikes Peak Community College. The kitchen served over 15,800 meals in the month, averaging over 500 per day.

A dozen local agencies
The Resource Center broke records once again with more than 1,000 one-to-one connections between guests and client navigators for case management. 14 local agencies have partnered with the Mission to create a true community of care in our Resource Center. Over 1,600 showers were taken, and nearly 1,100 loads of laundry were washed during the month of April. Additionally, five guests received housing vouchers for permanent housing during the month.

Restoring lives
Three men graduated from our men’s New Life Program in April, bringing our total to 19 since July 2017! All20171115_gc_0549three found employment, transportation, and housing before graduating. Our Work Readiness initiative has 34 residents enrolled in four different career tracks: Food Services/Culinary Arts, Facilities, Warehouse/Customer Service, and Transportation. We were also able to provide residents with a much-needed fun day at the Denver Museum of Science. Mission Inn, our sober living facility, continues to stay full. A recent vacancy was immediately filled with a recent graduate of the program.

Preparing for employment
The Work Engagement initiative continues to develop. Shelter guests who have full-time or part-time jobs are rewarded with various benefits around campus, including a stable shelter bed and a preferred breakfast meal slot. At the end of April, 55 men and women staying in our shelters are working somewhere in the community for an average of 31 hours per week. An additional 30 shelter guests are cleaning and maintaining our campus with daily work-style activities, which will help to prepare them for job searches and placement.

Furniture for families
20171115_gc_0586Our Supportive Family Services program assisted nearly 650 families throughout the month. Over 1,000 food boxes were provided as well as 4,000 pounds of clothing. 16 furniture deliveries were provided for families in need. During the month of April our Homeless Outreach Team also made seven trips to local parks to make connections with potential guests, handing out bottles of water and information about Springs Rescue Mission to people struggling with homelessness.

Celebrating Easter
Our chaplain held an Easter service for 20 homeless guests. Communion was served and prayer was offered. A local realtor spoke at a different service and shared her story of her journey out of homelessness. It was a moving and encouraging testimony!

As we celebrate the lives restored on our campus every month, we never forget that none of this is possible without caring neighbors like you. And if you’re not part of our family of donors and volunteers yet, we invite you to join us today!

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