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Christmas at the Mission: 10 quotes on the meaning of hope in uncertain times

Christmas at the Mission: 10 quotes on the meaning of hope in uncertain times
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

Christmas is a time of hope.At Springs Rescue Mission, we see hundreds of neighbors in need each day. They are men and women who have seen hard times and struggles: with hunger, with homelessness, with addiction and with illness.But despite dark days, Hope Shines Through. And homelessness is not synonymous with hopelessness.Here, we look at what Springs Rescue Mission guests, staff and volunteers had to say about finding hope in uncertain times.

What are your thoughts on hope?

Jack, President & CEO

“I have witnessed the power of hope firsthand. Without hope, people are untethered, alone and sink into despair. With hope, people have the strength to endure hardship, commit to the welfare of others, and strive for the better day that is coming. Providing hope to others is one of the most important and noble actions we can take as Christians.”

Kim, Greenway Flats Resident

“You have to have faith,” she said. “You can’t give up. You have to be patient — your time will come. Don’t give up hope. Never give up hope.”

Robyn, Volunteer

“God gives me hope. That’s the bottom line. It has been a dark year, but I’ve seen good and kindness and people helping each other. … Prior to this crisis, we didn’t see people come together like this. … There’s a lot of courage and beauty in the midst of this crisis. That’s been a really hopeful thing to see.”

Ross, Shelter Guest

“I don’t feel like I have to do it alone. I never thought I’d have hope again — and the fact I do is amazing. If I can feel this way — having lived the life I’ve lived up to this point — then anybody can.”

Tyler, Staff Member

“Hope really does make a big difference in life. … I can’t remember ever really being hopeless, because I try to remember that the future will be brighter than whatever challenges you're going through. In dark times, hope is what tells us that it will pass — that things will be OK again. I’m so glad I have hope!”

Mary, Shelter Guest

“What gives me hope is that I see other people getting help and making their way out of this, and I know my time is coming too. I’m going to make it.”

Jesus, Workforce Housing Resident

“The love of God gives me hope. He helps me make the best out of what happens in my life. People go out of their way to help me — and that gives me hope too.”

Bryan, Shelter Guest

“God’s my hope. If I get upset or frustrated, I go to God. That’s the way I was raised. I look out the window, and I see hope.”

Matthew, Shelter guest

“What gives me hope is staff members, guys from the NLP, volunteers, family, friends, people in the same situation who are putting in their time and effort. That’s what gives me hope.”

Tyrone, New Life Program Graduate

“When I read scripture, that’s what gives me hope. Because he’s got plans for us to prosper, and he’s looking out for us — quite literally.”

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