Springs Rescue Mission:

Our Prayer Requests: August 2021

Our Prayer Requests: August 2021

Prayer Requests for August 2021

The following are prayer requests submitted by neighbors struggling with homelessness, poverty and addiction. Please join Springs Rescue Mission staff and our faith community as we remember these precious neighbors in our daily prayers.Please pray that all guests, clients, staff and volunteers stay safe and healthy as this COVID-19 pandemic continues.

  • "Please pray for my children Jordan, and Esmeralda, they do need the Lord in their daily lives." - C
  • "Please pray for my family, friends, and my addiction, Thank you." - Nathaniel
  • "Prayer for our son Brandon, who is an addict and is homeless. He needs God’s mercy in his court cases. Thank you." - David
  • "Pray for our adult children, and their faith." - Victoria
  • "My mother-in-law came to live with us 5 weeks ago, all is going well. Please pray for us to lead our family with God’s grace and guidance." - Castle
  • "Pray for the conversion of Denise." - Willima
  • "Pray that God continues to bless me and my family with good health, jobs, and help us to prosper putting love in our heart for all and help each of us to understand the meaning of giving." - Rodney
  • "We need to move because our neighbors are exploiting us, and we have no privacy. Please pray for us!" - Paula
  • "I pray that life gets easier to handle." - Beth
  • "Please pray for me and my boyfriend as we wrestle with big decisions." - Eliana
  • "Pray for my family as we go through a hard transition." - Sarah
  • "I pray for wisdom and peace." - Robert

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" - Matthew 6:26

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