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Hope: It starts with one night at the Mission.


At Springs Rescue Mission, we hear and see stories of hope every day.
More and more, our guests are overcoming homelessness, poverty and addiction.
We love to see the transformation happening in the lives of the men and women we serve — and we want to share some with you.

Meet Charlie

At age 59, Charlie had an epiphany: a sudden realization that he’s no longer alone. The New Life Program graduate talks sobriety and faith.

“For years, I was sick, sad and lonely,” he said. “Now, I have people that I love, and they love me. I may have hard times, and I may even fall; but now I know I don’t have to fall alone. I’m surrounded by people who care about me and who love me and who want to help me.”

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Meet Tammy

Tammy’s first night in the shelter was a scary experience; but it was a new beginning.

Two years later, she has a home of her own and is working for Springs Rescue Mission — helping others experiencing homelessness, poverty and addiction.

“It’s meaningful to be back here helping people who are just like I was two years ago,” she said.


Meet Matt

Matt grew up in two different countries, never really feeling like he fit in anywhere. He sought acceptance in rave culture, but drug addiction made him even more lonely and depressed.

His journey took him from one side of the Atlantic to the other, through years of addiction and heartache.

But now he’s home.

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Meet Thomas

Thomas felt overwhelmed his first night at Springs Rescue Mission.

“I wasn’t an experienced homeless person,” he said. “I didn’t know how to do this.”

But that was the night Thomas started his journey out of homelessness. He joined the new Intensive Outpatient Program for addiction recovery — never missing a class — and was finally in a place where transformation seemed possible.

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Meet Dina

For decades, recovery from alcoholism seemed like an impossibility to Dina — it was all she had ever known.

But then she came to the Mission, where she joined the new Intensive Outpatient Program for women’s addiction recovery. Now, she’s 18 months sober and excited about life.

“I don’t want to stop growing,” she said.

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Meet Paul

Paul survived three tours in Vietnam, a fire that killed most of his family and the homelessness that threatened to steal his hope. Now, he’s thriving.

When Paul was just nine years old, he lost half of his immediate family in a devastating fire. During his time as a soldier in the Vietnam War, he saw unspeakable tragedy.

Yet through it all, he’s persevered.

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Meet Ted

After a series of heart attacks and spending nearly 20 years on the streets of Wichita, Ted is finally finding a pathway out of homelessness.

“I can’t wait to get back on my feet,” he said. “It’s been a long time, and I feel good about it.”

When he came to Springs Rescue Mission last year, he didn’t expect much. But now he’s on a journey of health and hope.

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  1. It really means a lot to me to have you share my thoughts and feelings with others! I love you guys so much for all your support and prayers throughout my journey at the mission and beyond! God bless all of you and PLEASE don’t ever forget that!!


  2. The SPRINGS RESCUE MISSION helped me get where i am today i went from 2yrs of being homeless to a beautiful apt with my 2 daughters my fur babies God Bless all who helped me get where i am

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